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More site updates

The following images have been added to the site to replace ‘coming soon’ placeholders:

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Frankfort updates

Frankfort FPD Brush 4

Karl Klotz has provided two updated photos representing Frankfort FPD Battalion 7 and Brush 4. Both are new rigs. The battalion runs out of station one and as you might guess, the brush unit is in station 4. Frankfort is in Division 19.

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Patches added

Glenwood Fire Department patchMundelein Fire Department patch

Several interesting patches have been added to the department pages. Mundelein and Libertyville patches have been added in Division 4, Peotone has been added in Division 19, and Glenwood in Division 24 has been posted as well. If your department is on the site and no patch is shown with the listings, we would appreciate the opportunity of getting a patch to complete the posting

Peotone Fire Department patch

Libertyville Fire Department patch

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MABAS Division 4 – Revised Station/Apparatus Numbering

Lake County MABAS Division 4 has undergone a division wide systematic renumbering of stations and also the apparatus. This listing showing  revised station numbering  was forwarded by Bill Friedrich:
The county which consists of 26 fire departments and/or fire districts is divided into 4 quadrants. Each quad is represented by the first digit in the new numbering system. The second digit now represents the department within that quad and the final digit represents the station number for that particular department.

Abbott’s fire station is now Station 111

Beach Park is Station 121

Gurnee Stations 1 & 2 become Stations 131 & 132

Newport Stations 1 & 2 become Stations 141 & 142

North Chicago Stations 1 & 2 become Stations 151 & 152

Waukegan Stations 1-5 become Stations 161-165

Winthrop Harbor is now Station 171

Zion stations 1 & 2 become Stations 181 & 182

Great Lakes Naval Training Center Stations 1-3 become Stations 191-193

Antioch Stations 1-3  become Stations 211-213

Fox Lake Stations 1-3 become Stations 221-223

Lake Villa Stations 1-3 become Stations 241-243

Round Lake Stations 1-3 become Stations 261-263

Grayslake Stations 1 & 2 become Stations 271 & 272

Lake Zurich Stations 1-4 become Stations 321-324

Wauconda Stations 1-3 become Stations 341-343

Barrington Stations 1-3 become Stations 361-363

Countryside Stations 1 & 2 are now Stations 411 & 412

Lake Forest Stations 1 & 2 are now Stations 421 & 422

Mundelein Stations 1 & 2 are now Stations 431 & 432

Knollwood is now Station 441

Lake Bluff is Station 451

Libertyville Stations 1 & 2 are now Stations 461 & 462

The Buffalo Grove, Long Grove and Lincolnshire-Riverwoods Fire Departments/Districts have previously renumbered their stations in conjunction with Northwest Central Dispatch (Buffalo Grove) or RED Center (Long Grove and Lincolnshire Riverwoods) and a re subsequently not participating in the new Lake County numbering system.

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Division 19 updates

In Frankfort,

Karl Klotz has supplied the following updates – Frankfort has acquired a 2010 Ford/Horton Type I MICU which will run out of Station 4 when it opens … tentatively in June. Frankfort has also ordered a new brush rig for Station 4 and a they are refurbishing the brush rig from Station 3. Lastly, Frankfort has ordered a new buggy for the Battalion Chief.

The Frankfort station pages on the site have been updated with the individual company logos.

Frankfort FPD Ambulance 4

Ambulance 4 is a 2010 Ford F450/Horton which will run out of the new Station #4. Photo by Karl Klotz

Frankfort FPD Company 3 decal

The decal for Frankfort Company 3. Photo by Karl Klotz

In East Joliet,

Karl has provided a photo of the new Engine 531. Running out of Station 3, it’s a 2009 Pierce Saber 1500/1000/30 which is painted white over red. Engine 531 has a Wil-Burt light tower on the cab roof. (this should be standard issue for all engines … fire buffs need the nighttime scene lighting to assist with fire photography) The old Engine 531 is currently being stored at Station 1.

East Joliet FPD Engine 531

Photo by Karl Klotz

In New Lenox,

A new Sutphen Engine has been assigned as 1631. This was a demo unit which served at the Chicagoland Speedway in Joliet last year.

New Lenox FPD Sutphen Engine 1631

2009 Sutphen Shield 1500/750/30. Photo by Karl Klotz.

Joliet Speedway Sutphen engine

Sutphen Shield demo pumper when it was working at the Chicagoland Speedway in Joliet. Photo by Karl Klotz

In Orland Park,

Three Spartan Gladiator/Darley engines have been put into service as Engines 2, 3 & 6. These CAFS pumpers feature bodies by Plastisol … made from a glass-fiber reinforced polyester resin … and have 1500 GPM pumps, with 750 gallon water tanks plus 30 gallons of Type A foam.

Orland Park Spartan Darley Engine 2

One of three 2009 Spartan/Darley engines serving in Orland Park. Photo by Karl Klotz

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Lockport updates

Lockport Lt John Matthews submitted the final images to complete the postings at Lockport station 3. The TRT and Decon units are now uploaded … the TRT image is by George C. Reichardt. Another detail that has been added to Lockport are the individual station logos that they have. Each is quite different.

Lockport Company 3 logo

Lockport Company 3 logo

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Peotone comes online

The Division 19 listings continue to grow with the addition of the Peotone Fire Protection District. Karl Klotz has contributed images representing the entire department including their latest acquisition – a Sutphen rescue pumper.


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Mokena opens Station 3

The Mokena FPD (Division 19) has opened their third station – a temporary site – at 11215 w. 83rd Place. With this new location, there has been some shifting and a reassignment of apparatus.  Ambulance 6634 and Engine 6631 are assigned to the new station. The photos reflect their previous numbering (as Ambulance 6624 and Engine 6621).  Engine 66R is now running as Engine 6621 out of station 2 where there is no longer an ambulance. All three stations photos are from Bill Friedrich who also provided the updated rig placements.


Another addition to Division 19.

The Lockport Township FPD in Will County (Division 19) has been added to the website.  All 6 stations are up and almost complete. Thanks to Karl Klotz for all of the photos. Anyone interested in ARFF units will enjoy browsing through this suburban department that maintains 2 Amertek Crash Rescue Trucks.

The department is also ordering a 2010 IHC Horton ambulance to replace ambulance 1. The new unit is expected next summer.

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Frankfort has been added to Division 19.

The Frankfort FPD in Will County (Division 19) has been added. They currently operate out of four stations (#s 1,2,3,& 5). Their 5th station, #4, is currently on schedule to open in the spring of 2010. They have an engine ready to go for the new house and are awaiting delivery of a 2010 Ford F450/Horton Type I MICU that will will go in service as Ambulance 745 in the new station as well. An additional posting has been made depicting their old firehouse which is their museum as well. Thanks to Karl Klotz for all of the photos and to Deputy Chief Wilson for providing the rig specs.

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