Excerpts from Fox32chicago.com:

George Ma’Ayteh, a firefighter, accustomed to saving lives, found himself in need of rescue when he collapsed and nearly died last October.

His boss, Paula Anast, was with him and got on the phone with Fire Communications Operator Amanda Garr, who, remaining composed and focused, guided Anast through the steps of CPR, coaching her in the lifesaving procedure.

For eight minutes, Garr directed Anast in administering chest compressions until paramedics arrived. 

Ma’Ayteh, who was unconscious for three days following the incident, attributes his survival to the intervention and guidance provided by both Garr and Anast. 

It was later discovered that Ma’Ayteh had previously worked alongside Garr’s father, a battalion chief.

Chief Barry Garr commended his daughter’s performance, highlighting her dedication to saving lives through her role as a fire communications operator, and emphasized her numerous commendations.

For Garr, her job is a calling—a chance to provide comfort and guidance to individuals facing crises. Despite often not learning the outcomes of the emergencies she assists with, Garr has made a profound impact on countless lives.

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