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Prospect Heights Fire District Open House

The Prospect Heights Fire District will hold their annual Open House Saturday October 9 from 11:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. at Station 9 which is located at 10 E. Camp McDonald Road in Prospect Heights. Among items featured will be:

  • Hot Dogs
  • New Dive Boat
  • Pole Slide
  • Demonstrations
  • Equipment Displays

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Prospect Heights Engine 39 refurb

Deputy Chief Drew Smith from The Prospect Heights FPD submitted the folowing information.

Prospect Heights’ Engine 39 has been delivered to the refurb shop at Alexis Fire Equipment.  Alexis, the original builder of Engine 39, will perform the following work:

  • Repair all body damage and corrosion. Replace lower rub rail. Repaint required areas.
  • Remove all worn interior plastic finishes and replace with brushed aluminum. Also reupholster all seats and cover motor dog house with brushed aluminum.
  • Install 6500-watt generator and two 750-watt telescoping lights (these will replace 2 12-V telescoping lights)
  • Install a Federal 2QB siren that was originally on the former 1984 E-ONE Squad 9. The existing electronic 2QB will remain.
  • Reconfigure the rear of the apparatus to install a hose tray for 2 ½” hose bed. This will locate the main lead-out bed to be accessible at chest height when standing on the ground. Both Engine 9 and Squad 9 have this feature. The main upper hose bed will only store LDH.
  • Perform assorted repairs to the pump and valves.

It is expected that Engine 39 will return for service by July 4th.

Prospect Heights Engine 39

Engine 39 being refurbished at Alexis Fire Equipment. Prospect Heights photo

Prospect Heights Engine 39

Work being performed at the rear of Engine 39. Prospect Heights photo

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New ambulance for Prospect Heights

Ambulance 9 Photo by Larry Shapiro

Ambulance 9 Photo by Larry Shapiro

The Prospect Heights Fire Department in Division 3 recently took delivery of a 2009 Ford F450SD/Medtec Type III ambulance (#8421) which will enter service soon as Ambulance 9.

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Prospect Heights and Buffalo Grove have been added

Two fire departments have been added to the site, although neither is yet complete. Prospect Heights in Division 3 has 2 stations.  Station 39 has been completed and Station 9 currently has 1 of 7 rigs posted.  The other rigs will follow this week.

In addition, Buffalo Grove in Division 4, has 3 stations.  Posting of the rigs for these stations is not yet complete and some of the data has to be updated for accuracy as well.

Today, our thanks go to Karl Klotz who submitted the bulk of Division 19 for processing and uploading. This will take several days, as Division 19 does not yet even have a MABAS page on the site. Again, there will initially be gaps in the departments. These will be updated when time permits.

Hank Sajovic graciously submitted 115 images of CFD firehouses.  This too will take several days of preparation before all are posted. He commented that roughly 10-15 of these need updating from when they were originally photographed, but he anticipates taking care of this before the summer ends. While we’re on the subject of Hank’s firehouse collection from Chicago, he is planning an upcoming book … to be released in the future.

As visitors to this site, please keep in mind that as we are getting up and running (which will take a minimum of 6 months), we will post the images that are available to us, with the intent that some images will be updated/replaced when we have shots that depict the subject more favorably.  Rigs for example, might be featured showing the officer’s side (which is not the ‘standard’) or on-scene at an incident. Apparatus or stations might have been photographed in less than ideal weather,  or may for some other reason be an image that the photographer would like to improve upon. We have elected to post the images that we have available so that the departments are featured to the best of our ability. When time permits or other photographers submit an image that shows the subject in better light or at a preferable angle, an update will occur and it will be noted here.

The majority of the stations in Division 3 have also been freshly photographed and should be added to the site this week (as time permits) as well.

Readers are encouraged to send comments or emails about apparatus that is on order or that has been recently received so that we can stay on top of the game.

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