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New orders

  • The Waukegan Fire Department, in Division 4 (Lake County) recently placed an order for a KME Severe Service engine.
  • The Long Grove Fire Protection District, in Division 4 (Lake County) recently placed an order with Alexis for a brush rig on a Ford chassis with a body similar in design to Rescue 55 which was built by KME. The new unit will have 300 gallons of water, 10 gallons of foam, and a 500-GPM pump.
  • The Lake Villa Fire District (also in Division 4, Lake County) has two new ambulances on order from Osage Ambulance in Linn, MO. Both will match the fleet and be Type III designs on Ford E450 chassis with one exception. These ambulances will arrive painted red instead of the blue and white color scheme of the existing ambulances which were part of the Lake Villa Rescue Squad. The new units are expected to be delivered in March of 2011.
  • The Evanston Fire Department has ordered a Pierce Arrow XT tractor-drawn aerial. They received a grant to pay for the unit which is expected to be completed in March of 2011.
  • Evanston also is ordering a new ambulance. As of now, we do not have the specs although it is believed to be coming with an IHC chassis like their current units.

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New Pierce in Evanston

As reported earlier, Evanston has received their new Pierce Arrow XT engine for Station 23. This has a 1,500-GPM pump and a 500-gallon water tank.  It features an extended cab with a raised roof and non-painted roll-up compartment doors similar to Engine 21. The cab features short barrier style doors which is a first for Evanston. It carries Pierce job #23324. As pictured here, it does not yet appear to have been adorned with the Northwestern University Wildcat emblem as was speculated since the university provided funding for this unit.

Evanston Fire Department Pierce Arrow XT engine

Evanston's new Pierce Arrow XT for Engine 23. Pierce photo

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Evanston Fire Department

There are several newsworthy items to note regarding the Evanston Fire Department.

  • This week Evanston completed the layoffs involving the three firefighters with the shortest time on the job.
  • Evanston is in the process of interviewing candidates for the position of Fire Chief. Apparently the field is currently at five finalists.
  • Evanston has completed specifications for a new tractor-drawn aerial
  • The new Pierce Arrow XT engine which is being funded by Northwestern University is in the final stages of production

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New apparatus coming to Evanston

It’s been several years since the Evanston Fire Department has replaced apparatus and now with the help of a grant and a donation from Northwestern University they are getting a new engine and a new tractor-drawn aerial (TDA). The engine was ordered from Pierce on an Arrow XT chassis with a 1500 GPM 2-stage pump a 500-gallon water tank. This will go to Engine 23 on Central Avenue. Engine 23’s rig will replace Engine 325 as a reserve piece. The new engine which is due in early September is a donation from the university. In recognition of the donation, there will be a plaque on the pump panel and a ‘Wildcat’ (the NU mascot) painted on the grille.

Evanston received a grant for a new TDA and they are in the process of going to bid on a 100′ TDA with independent suspension for both the tractor and trailer. This will replace Truck 22. The fire department is also hoping to get the go-ahead from the city to purchase a new tractor for their other TDA, Truck 23.

The last of the new apparatus orders is for a new ambulance. Reported to be on an International chassis, the new ambulance will be built by Medtec.

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Evanston and Niles are online

All 5 Evanston fire stations have been added to Division 3 (and the alphabetical index). Most of their rigs are featured but again there are a few gaps. In order to view stations 22-25, the Evanston link begins at station 21 where there are links to the other stations.  Each page has links to the other 4 stations.

Niles Stations 2 & 3 have also been added to Division 3.

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