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Prospect Heights Box Alarm 5-24-11

Prospect Heights house fire Schoenbeck 5-24-11

Prospect Heights firefighters use hand lines to attack a house fire Tuesday afternoon on Schoenbeck Road, Larry Shapiro photo

The Prospect Heights Fire Department received a call reporting fire in an attached garage around 2:30PM this afternoon. When the first unit arrived at 410 N. Schoenbeck Road, they reported heavy fire in the garage which was communicating to the two-story house. This part of Prospect Heights’ district is without hydrants, so the initial response brings their 3,000-gallon tanker along with their two engines, a battalion chief, and an ambulance. Also on the Code 3 response, they get an engine from Wheeling, an ambulance from Mt. Prospect, and a second tanker from Long Grove.

Prospect Heights house fire Schoenbeck 5-24-11

As the bulk of fire in the garage has been knocked down, the fire takes control of the attic and a second floor bedroom. Larry Shapiro photo

The fire was immediately upgraded to a Code 4 for the confirmed fire which brought an engine from Mt. Prospect, the tower ladder from Prospect Heights, a third tanker from Palatine Rural, an ambulance from Northbrook, a squad from Lincolnshire-Riverwoods, a tower ladder from Northbrook, and chief officers from Wheeling and Long Grove.

Prospect Heights house fire Schoenbeck 5-24-11

Fire burns through the roof as firefighters inside work to control the blaze. Tim Olk photo

Prospect Heights house fire Schoenbeck 5-24-11

Firefighters ventilate second floor windows as the fire burns freely through the roof. Larry Shapiro photo

As the fire progressed into the house, the alarm was further upgraded to a MABAS Box Alarm which brought a tower ladder from Buffalo Grove, a squad from Deerfield, a truck from Northfield (which replaced a truck from Niles which was not available), a RIT chief and engine from North Maine, engines from Palatine, Arlington Heights, and Des Plaines, an ambulance from Elk Grove Township, chief officers from Glenview and Northbrook plus the MESS Canteen.

Prospect Heights Engine 9, the first due engine, went through their 750-gallon tank plus the 3,000 gallons carried by Tanker 9. Long Grove Tanker 55 also carries 3,000 gallons, all of which were used just prior to the establishment of a secure water supply that required 2,500 feet of 5″ hose.

Prospect Heights house fire Schoenbeck 5-24-11

Prospect Heights Engine 9 used tank water before receiving 6,000 gallons form two tankers. After this water was exhausted, a secure water source was established from a hydrant over 2,500 feet away. Larry Shapiro photo

The occupants of the house were able to get out, but evidently the family dog perished.

Tim Olk and Larry Shapiro were both at the scene and submitted several images.

Prospect Heights house fire Schoenbeck 5-24-11

After the fire has been knocked down, firefighters perform overhaul to get at the remnants of fire inside the walls. Tim Olk photo

Prospect Heights house fire Schoenbeck 5-24-11

A firefighter works on the second floor checking for extension. Tim Olk photo


Larry has a large gallery HERE and Tim also has a large gallery which can be viewed HERE.


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New Pierce Tower for Lisle-Woodridge

Lisle Woodridge FPD Pierce Arrow XT tower ladder 537

Truck 537 for the Lisle Woodridge FPD will replace a 2004 tower ladder. Pierce photo from Flickr

The Lisle-Woodridge Fire Protection District in MABAS Division 16 has taken delivery of a 2011 Pierce Arrow XT 100′ rear mount tower ladder. Truck 537, which will be assigned to Station 3, is not yet in service. The new truck has a 2,000-GPM pump and carries 300 gallons of water.

Lisle Woodridge FPD Pierce Dash tower ladder 537

Unlike the new tower ladder, the current unit assigned to Truck 537 carries no water and does not have a pump.

Thanks to Josh Boyajian for spotting the new delivery photo on the Pierce Flickr site.

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Addison listings updated

Several updates have been made to the listings for the Addison Fire District in MABAS Division 12.

For Addison Station 1:

  • an image of the station has been added
  • new images with the specifications have been added for Battalion 106, Medic 110, and Engine 111
  • Engine 112, the 1990 Pierce Arrow reserve unit has been moved to Station1
Addison Fire District headquarters Station 1

Addison Station 1 houses an engine, a medic unit, and the Battalion Chief in addition to a spare tower, a spare engine, a spare buggy, and several other staff cars. Larry Shapiro photo

For Addison Station 2:

  • there is an image missing for Engine 122, the 1993 E-ONE reserve engine

For Addison Station 3:

  • an image of the station has been added
  • an image has been added of Medic 130, a 2008 Ford F-650/Medtec Type I
  • the squad has been relocated to Station 3
  • missing images include a 1993 Ford Van, the Dive Trailer, and the MABAS Division 12 HazMat Trailer
Addison Fire District medic unit Ford F650 Medtec

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New Brush Unit in Long Grove

Long Grove Fire Department Ford F550 Alexis Type 6 wildland unit

Long Grove recently received this 2011 Ford F550/Alexis Type 6 wildland engine. Larry Shapiro photo

The Long Grove Fire Protection District is putting the final touches on their new Type-6 brush unit from Alexis. Brush 55 is on a Ford F550 chassis with an extended cab. It carries 300 gallons of water and has a 15-gallon foam tank. Long Grove added a CET-Tohatsu V82 high pressure portable pump at the rear of the unit which can produce 560 GPM at 50 PSI and 400 GPM at 150 PSI. The unit is awaiting the installation of radios, equipment mounting, and training for Long Grove personnel. The new Brush 55 will replace a 1992 Ford pickup with a skid-mount unit in the rear.

Long Grove Fire Department Ford F550 Alexis Type 6 wildland unit

Brush 55 has a CET high-pressure portable pump at the rear which is capable of putting out 560-GPM at 50PSI. Larry Shapiro photo

Long Grove Fire Department Type 6 wildland unit

Long Grove is replacing this unit with the new Ford/Alexis.

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