Several updates have been made to the listings for the Addison Fire District in MABAS Division 12.

For Addison Station 1:

  • an image of the station has been added
  • new images with the specifications have been added for Battalion 106, Medic 110, and Engine 111
  • Engine 112, the 1990 Pierce Arrow reserve unit has been moved to Station1
Addison Fire District headquarters Station 1

Addison Station 1 houses an engine, a medic unit, and the Battalion Chief in addition to a spare tower, a spare engine, a spare buggy, and several other staff cars. Larry Shapiro photo

For Addison Station 2:

  • there is an image missing for Engine 122, the 1993 E-ONE reserve engine

For Addison Station 3:

  • an image of the station has been added
  • an image has been added of Medic 130, a 2008 Ford F-650/Medtec Type I
  • the squad has been relocated to Station 3
  • missing images include a 1993 Ford Van, the Dive Trailer, and the MABAS Division 12 HazMat Trailer
Addison Fire District medic unit Ford F650 Medtec

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