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Barrington 2-11 on 5-10-11 – update

Larry Shapiro has a video from the 2nd Alarm fire in Barrington on West Flynn Creek Drive.

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Barrington 2-11 5-10-11

Barrington Fire Department house fire Flynn Creek 5-10-11 2-11

Firefighters encountered heavy fire upon arrival and had to shuttle water to the scene. The fire which reportedly began in the garage spread quickly throughout the home which appeared from the front to be a ranch house when in fact there were two-stories in the rear.Larry Shapiro photo

Shortly before 1AM, Barrington received a call reporting fire in an attached garage at 27818 W. Flynn Creek Drive. This is an area without hydrants and the initial alarm included both tankers from Barrington plus mutual aid from Long Grove with Tanker 55 in addition to all Barrington companies and a Lake Zurich engine.  Upon arrival, firefighters encountered heavy fire in the house that sits on a hill with one-story in front and two-stories in the rear. They immediately upgraded to a Box Alarm which brought help from Carpentersville, Hoffman Estates, East Dundee, Cary, Rolling Meadows, Wauconda, Palatine, and the Palatine Rural Fire Department. Flynn Creek is a narrow, one-lane road which barely accommodated the tankers and a handful of other apparatus. As the fire progressed, a 2nd alarm was struck which brought tankers from South Elgin, Bartlett, and Nunda in addition to another truck and two more engines. Most of the 2nd alarm companies were not put to work.

The tanker shuttle brought roughly 42,000 gallons of water to the fire from 8 tankers. There were no injuries reported.

Larry Shapiro was at the fire and submitted a few quick images. The gallery can be viewed HERE, and the video is still in the works.

Barrington Fire Department house fire Flynn Creek 5-10-11 2-11

Barrington Engine 3612 was one of two engines pumping at the scene. Each engine had a portable tank from which to draft the water that was shuttled to the scene by tankers. Larry Shapiro photo

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Highland Park 2-11 5-9-11

The Highland Park Fire Department received a call for an attic fire shortly after 7PM on Monday in the 1400 block of Sheridan Road. When police arrived at the house they reported fire through the roof of a large, three-story, brick home. The alarm was elevated to a working fire response while companies were en-route to the scene bringing mutual aid from Glencoe, Deerfield, and Highwood. First-in companies made an aggressive attack but had trouble gaining access to the attic space. Further complications were encountered by the multiple roof elevations. The fire was raised to a 2nd Alarm bringing engines from Northbrook, Winnetka, Lake Bluff, and Knollwood. Additional trucks came from Northfield and Wheeling. Wilmette responded with a squad, and ambulances on-scene were from Highland Park, Highwood, Prospect Heights, and Libertyville.

Highland Park house fire Sheridan Road 5-9-11

Heavy smoke billows from the attic space above the third floor of this large home in Highland Park. Tim Olk photo

Highland Park house fire Sheridan Road 5-9-11

Flames are visible from the attic above the third floor. Highwood was the first truck on the scene and backed Truck 37, a 75' HME/Smeal quint into the driveway opposite of Highland Park Engine 32. Larry Shapiro photo

Highland Park house fire Sheridan Road 5-9-11

Highland Park Engine 32, a 2010 Spartan Gladiator/Crimson engine was the first fire unit on the scene. They took the south end of the driveway and tapped a hydrant directly across the street. Larry Shapiro photo

Highland Park house fire Sheridan Road 5-9-11

Fire was most prevalent in the rear of the house. As fire burns through the eaves, a firefighter is able to stand where the roof has burned away in another section of the upper floor. Tim Olk photo

Highland Park house fire Sheridan Road 5-9-11

Another image showing the same area with heavy fire at the roof's peak. Tim Olk photo

Highland Park house fire Sheridan Road 5-9-11

As fire continues to burn along the peak of the roof, the Highwood master stream is opened to hit the fire where firefighters can not gain access from within. Larry Shapiro photo

The fire was held to the upper floors though water and smoke permeated the entire house. Northfield’s truck was setup as a precaution but did not go to work.

Tim Olk and Larry Shapiro both went to the scene and submitted several images. Tim has a gallery HERE and Larry has a gallery HERE.

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