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New pumper/squad for Deerfield-Bannockburn

Pierce Dash CF PUC fire engine

New pumper/squad for Deerfield Engine 19. Pierce composite

thanks Asher

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House fire in Deerfield, 5-22-15

This from Larry Shapiro:

Deerfield-Bannockburn firefighters were called for a house fire around noon on Friday (5/22/15) at 818 Forest Avenue. The alarm was upgraded by RED Center prior to companies arriving on-scene based on a report from police officers of smoke showing. They had fire on the first floor with smoke throughout of an older, two-story, frame house. Two lines were used and the bulk of the fire was knocked down within 10 minutes.

Units at the scene included Deerfield Engine 19 & 20, Ambulance 19, Truck 20, Battalion 20 and the chief officers plus Truck and Battalion 33 from Highland Park, Engine and Ambulance 52 from Lincolnshire-Riverwoods, Battalion 11 and Engine 10 from Northbrook, Morton Grove Squad 4, and Lake Forest Truck 421.

Here are some shots from the scene. I arrived about 15 minutes after the original dispatch.

fire truck and ambulance with chevron striping

Larry Shapiro photo

smoke from house on fire

Larry Shapiro photo

smoke from house on fire

Larry Shapiro photo

firemen raise ground ladder at house ire

Larry Shapiro photo

fireman surrounded by smoke at window

Larry Shapiro photo

Pierce fire trucks at fire scene Deerfield Bannockburn fire apparatus

Larry Shapiro photo

Deerfield firefighter at fire scene

Larry Shapiro photo

Lake Forest firefighter at fire scene

Larry Shapiro photo

fire department battalion chief

Larry Shapiro photo

Pierce fire trucks at fire scene Deerfield Bannockburn fire apparatus

Larry Shapiro photo

Stuffed fire truck at fire scene

Larry Shapiro photo

Pierce fire engine with hydraulic ladder rack

Larry Shapiro photo

More photos are at

Excerpts from the

A Deerfield family survived a house fire unharmed Friday, after one family member smelled smoke, got everyone out of the house and called the fire department. The fire damage to the house, in the 800 block of Forest Avenue, was contained to one room because the door to that room was shut.

Deerfield Bannockburn Fire Protection District Deputy Chief Ray Larson said “There were people in the home including children.  The person smelled smoke, evacuated the people and called 911. That closed door was a huge factor preventing the spread of the fire. They didn’t try to open it. They just got out and called 911.”

When firefighters arrived at the two-story home, they entered through the front door, went into the room where the fire was burning and extinguished it with a hose, according to Larson. That was the only room to sustain fire damage, though smoke permeated throughout.

thanks Dan

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Deerfield firefighters and friends say goodbye to one of their own

This from Larry Shapiro:

I was one of over hundred people that said goodbye to a friend today, Deerfield-Bannckburn Firefighter Brad Hytoff. Known to many in the fire service, Brad was also a lifelong fire buff and fire service aficionado. Family, friends, police officers, and firefighters gathered to pay their respects to an 18-year veteran of the Deerfield-Bannockburn Fire Protection District.

Brad Hytoff

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Deerfield Bannockburn FPD apparatus updates

The Deerfield Bannockburn FPD has sold Squad 20 to the Somonauk (IL) Fire Department who is replacing a 1984 piece.

Deerfield Fire Department squad 20

Pemfab Ranger HDR

Somonauk Fire Department Squad 390, 1984 Pemfab/Ranger, X-Toms River, NJ. Somonauk FD photo

Deerfield Squad 19 is currently for sale.

Pierce Contender rescue squad

fire truck for sale

Deerfield Squad 19 is for sale. B&P Apparatus photo

The department will be receiving a new rescue/pumper with storage space for some of the consolidated equipment from both of the older squads. The balance of the equipment will either be stored in the station or disposed of.

A quick historical review of some previous squads that served the Deerfield Bannockburn Fire Prevention District.

old fire department rescue squad

Squad 754 was a 1971 Ford C750/Welch rescue squad. Larry Shapiro photo

old fire department rescue squad

Squad 754 was a 1983 Ford C8000/E-ONE MDR with a 750-GPM pump. Larry Shapiro photo

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Where are they now … NIPSTA

Jeff Rudolph submitted images of two units that are part of the training fleet at the Northeastern Illinois Public Safety Training Academy (NIPSTA)

NIPSTA Engine 2 Deerfield Bannockburn Fire Protection District

NIPSTA Engine 2 is a 1991 Pierce Arrow 1250/750 that is X-Deerfield-Bannockburn FPD Engine 20. Jeff Rudolph photo

Deerfield Bannockburn Fire Protection District Engine 20

When the engine was last on the roster for the Deerfield Bannockburn Fire Protection District, it was running as Engine 20R. Larry Shapiro photo

Deerfield Bannockburn Fire Protection District

Prior to renumbering the stations in Deerfield for Division 3, the 1991 Pierce Arrow was delivered as Engine 711 with 750 gallons of water and a 1,250-GPM pump. Larry Shapiro photo

NIPSTA Truck 1 X-Hillside Fire Department Grumman AerialCat tower ladder

NIPSTA Truck 1 is this 1985 Duplex D350/Grumman AerialCat 102′ rear mount tower ladder with 200 gallons of water and a 1,500-GPM pump. Jeff Rudolph photo

Hillside Fire Department Truck 403 Grumman Aerialcat

Hillside Truck 403, a 1985 Duplex/Grumman AerialCat 102′ tower ladder is now at NIPSTA. Bill Friedrich photo

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Deerfield Ambulance 19 updated

Thanks to Brad Hytoff for submitting an image of Deerfield Ambulance 19 which was missing from the site.

Deerfield-Bannockburn FPD Ambulance 19 Medtec

Deerfield Ambulance 19 is a 2011 Medtec Type III on a 2009 Ford E-450 chassis. Brad Hytoff photo

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The color of fire trucks (part 4)

The next installment in this series about Chicago area fire trucks looks into departments in MABAS Division 3 that over the years have changed over to red fire apparatus. Also highlighted is a department that was always red but at one time had an engine that was a different color.

Deerfield had two Ward LaFrance P80 series engines with the Ambassador cab. Engine 720 was delivered in 1973 with a 1,250-GPM pump and Engine 712 came in 1977. Engine 720 carried 750 gallons of water , Engine 712 carried 1,000 gallons, and both were painted white over lime green.

Deerfield-Bannockburn Fire Department 1977 Ward LaFrance Ambassador engine

Deerfield Engine 712 was a 1977 Ward LaFrance P80 with an Ambassador cab. It had a 1,500-GPM pump with 1,000 gallons of water. Larry Shapiro collection

The Glenbrook Fire Protection District (formerly the Glenview Rural Fire Protection District) merged with the Glenview Fire Department in 1992. The original Glenview Rural trucks were red, then sometime after the district name changed  the Glenbrook apparatus was transitioned to yellow. Subsequent purchases arrived yellow. The department had three American LaFrance Pioneer Series engines, one of which was a newer Pioneer II model. They also had a small squad and a 1968 Ford/Snorkel. The red 75-foot Snorkel was refurbished in 1986 and came back yellow from Pierce with a new four-door Arrow cab. Later they purchased a newer squad from Hackney and two Pierce Arrow engines.

Glenbrook Fire Protection District Engine 144 1976 American LaFrance Pioneer

Glenbrook Engine 144 was a 1976 Pioneer Series from American LaFrance with 750 gallons of water and a 1,250-GPM pump. Larry Shapiro collection

Glenview apparatus has always been red. In 1975, they purchased a pumper-squad from Seagrave with a 300-gallon water tank. Squad 8 came white over lime green. This unit was later repainted red but retained the white roof.

Glenview Fire Department 1975 Seagrave PB series pumper squad

Glenview had this one unit that was not painted red. Pumper-Squad 8 was a 1975 Seagrave P-Series with 300 gallons of water and a 1,500-GPM pump. Larry Shapiro collection

For many years, Northbrook painted their units yellow, having previously been red. They had three engines, a Sutphen tower ladder, two squad units, and utility vehicles that were yellow. They also had a matching yellow stripe on their modular ambulances. The apparatus changed to white over red in 1996 when they received two engines, a squad, and a ladder from Pierce.

Northbrook Fire Department Engine 58 1975 American LaFrance Pacemaker

Northbrook Engine 58 was a 1975 American LaFrance Pacemaker Series engine with 500 gallons of water and a 1,000-GPM pump. The Pacemaker was a conventional custom fire cab by TCM instead of an American LaFrance custom Century or Pioneer cab. Larry Shapiro collection

The Park Ridge Fire Department ran with white over lime green apparatus for many years. Including this conventional Pirsch engine, they had a Mack CF/Pirsch mid-mount ladder, a custom cab-over Pirsch engine, and two Seagrave WB Series low profile engines that were painted to match. They also had stripes on their modular ambulances that matched the apparatus. All but the mid-mount ladder were later repainted red.

Park Ridge 1958 conventional Pirsch fire engine

Park Ridge Engine 44 shown here at a fire scene, was a 1958 conventional cab Pirsch with 500 gallons of water and a 1,000-GPM pump. Steve Redick collection

To see the earlier posts in this series, enter the word color into the search field.

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New ambulance in Deerfield

Martin Nowak spotted new delivery photos on the Foster Coach web site of an ambulance for Deerfield. The new unit is the first all red ambulance for the department contrasting the previous units with half the box painted white.

Deerfield-Bannockburn FPD Ambulance 19 new delivery

A new Medtec Type III unit for Deerfield-Bannockburn FPD Ambulance 19. Foster Coach photo

Deerfield-Bannockburn FPD Ambulance 19 new delivery

Rear view showing full chevron striping for Ambulance 19 in Deerfield. Foster Coach photo

Deerfield Bannockburn Fire Protection District Ambulance 19

The previous unit assigned to Ambulance 19. Larry Shapiro photo

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Car into a pond in Deerfield 1-1-12

Deerfield Fire responded to a car into a pond last night in the 500 block of Lake-Cook Road. The first arriving police officer was able to step onto the car’s roof, break out the window and assist the driver in getting out of the car. The office sustained cuts to his hand freeing the driver. Apparently, units on the scene were unclear about whether or not there were any other occupants in the car based on what the driver was able to tell them, so a request for divers was initiated.

Highland Park, Northbrook, Lake Forest and Lincolnshire responded with divers who ascertained that there where no other occupants inside the car. The divers hooked the car for the towing company to make the removal.

Tim Olk responded to the incident and submitted several images of the scene.

car into the pond in Deerfield 1-1-12

A late model Mercedes Benz left the roadway and ended up mostly submerged in a pond off Lake-Cook Road in Deerfield on Sunday night. Tim Olk photo

car into the pond in Deerfield 1-1-12

A Deerfield Police sergeant sustained cuts to his hand after climbing onto the roof of the submerged car and breaking out a window to free the driver. Tim Olk photo

car into the pond in Deerfield 1-1-12

Deerfield Engine 20 lights the scene where a driver lost control and drove into a pond. Tim Olk photo

car into the pond in Deerfield 1-1-12

After checking the car for trapped occupants, a fire department diver attaches a chain so the towing company can winch the car out of the water.. Tim Olk photo

car into the pond in Deerfield 1-1-12

A diver stands by to assist the tow driver with hooking the car for removal. Tim Olk photo

car into the pond in Deerfield 1-1-12

The tow truck begins to winches the car from the water. Tim Olk photo

car into the pond in Deerfield 1-1-12

The car is lifted out of the pond by the tow truck. Tim Olk photo

car into the pond in Deerfield 1-1-12

After being pulled from the water, the car is loaded onto the rollback. Tim Olk photo

Tim has a gallery with more images HERE.

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Deerfield-Bannockburn fire chief retires

Deerfield-Bannockburn Fire Chief James Quinn retired last Thursday after 41 years of service.

Articles about the event and Chief Quinn’s career can be found HERE and HERE.

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