Excerpts from the DailyHerald.com:

60-year-old Alan Butt has no memory of collapsing on the ice during a recreational hockey league game. All he knows is what he was told when he woke up in the emergency room: His heart stopped and Adam Subleski, an off-duty Elgin firefighter on the opposing team saved his life.

They were playing Dec. 15 in Crystal Lake when Butt slumped face down on the ice. Subleski said his training kicked in immediately.¬†He skated over and, with the assistance of others, rolled Butt over, removed his goalie pads and started CPR. A member of Butt’s team grabbed an automated external defibrillator, which Subleski used to help revive the man while continuing CPR until the paramedics arrived. Without the AED, Butt wouldn’t be alive today, Subleski said.

Butt recently presented Subleski with an Elgin Fire Department Merit Award.

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