Excerpts from the KaneCountyChronicle.com:

A month ago, the Fox River and Countryside Fire/Rescue District Board accepted Jim Gaffney’s resignation as president. Monday, the trustees reacted to yet another resignation from Gaffney – this time from the board.

Bob Handley, who was named president at the Oct. 26 meeting, told his colleagues that he received Gaffney’s resignation letter that day, although it was dated earlier. The resignation was effective immediately. The trustees – who met in a room named after Gaffney at Station No. 3 in St. Charles Township – formally declared a vacancy on the board. Gaffney was absent.

He was serving a six-year term to expire in 2019. The district’s attorney, Ken Shepro, said the board could appoint someone to the position, and that person would serve until the 2017 election.

Gaffney served as the face of the district as it ended its relationship with the city of St. Charles in 2011 and opened two fire stations despite residents’ protests. His departure marks the second notable resignation at the district. Greg Benson – who served as the district’s chief since 2011 – retired recently. Carl DeLeo now serves as fire chief of operations.

When Fox River and Countryside dedicated Station No. 3 last fall, fellow trustees said the training/community room was named Gaffney Hall in recognition of his leadership and vision.