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Buffalo Grove TRT response

A car veered out of control sometime after 1AM this morning and hit the Willow Grove School at 777 Checker Drive in Buffalo Grove. The car came to rest after displacing a steel support at the corner of the school offices. Buffalo Grove requested assistance from the MABAS Division 4 & 5 Technical Rescue Team which brought equipment and technicians from across Lake County. After the car was removed, firefighters cleared the debris and constructed a two-post vertical shore to provide support to the overhead beam.

Buffalo Grove car crashes into Willow Grove School

A car left the roadway and crashed into the facade at 777 Checker Drive, the Willow Grove School in Buffalo Grove. Larry Shapiro photo

Buffalo Grove Fire Department Ferrara

Buffalo Grove Engine 26 and Tower 25, both recent deliveries from Ferrara, were at the TRT incident at Willow Grove School. Larry Shapiro photo

Lincolnshire Riverwoods FPD Pierce Dash Squad 51

Lincolnshire-Riverwoods Squad 51 responded. They deployed their light tower to illuminate the scene and provided lumber. Larry Shapiro photo

MABAS Division 4&5 TRT

The lumber unit for the MABAS Divisions 4&5 TRT is a container shown here being transported by the Gurnee FD roll-off tractor. Larry Shapiro photo

MABAS Divisions 4&5 TRT

This new IHC 4400 roll-off tractor transported the MABAS Divisions 4&5 TRT supply trailer to the Buffalo Grove Box Alarm. Larry Shapiro photo

MESS Waring Bus

The Metropolitan Emergency Support Services (MESS) Canteen warming bus responded to the scene in addition to one of the Canteen units. Larry Shapiro photo

Buffalo Grove Fire Department Ford Marion Squad 26

Buffalo Grove Squad 26 was the first squad unit on the scene. This Ford/Marion unit deployed a Command Lite tower to illuminate the scene and setup a work table and saw to begin shoring the structure. Larry Shapiro photo

Buffalo Grove car into the structure at Willow Grove School

This shot depicts the scene after the fire department completed their work. Larry Shapiro photo

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Unique Station 2 for Newport Township

In Wadsworth, IL on the north end of Lake County, the Newport Township Fire Protection District covers 33 square miles with one main station off of Wadsworth Road just east of US 41. This station is packed full with a tanker, two engines, a pumper squad, two ambulances, a utility, staff car, ATV, and brush unit. In order to provide better response times to the northern edge of their district, the FPD rents a portion of a barn on the property of Doug Reno, who is one of their members.

Newport Township FPD Station 2

The Newport Township FPD rents out this portion of a building on the property of Doug Reno at 42874 Delaney Road in Zion. Larry Shapiro photo

Newport Township Fire Protection District auxilary building

The crane truck is stored in this building on a neighbor's farm. Larry Shapiro photo

Doug is also a collector of fire engines in his own right and has several pieces of equipment of his own housed there and on yet another neighbor’s property with additional Newport apparatus. First things first though, the Newport apparatus includes …

Newport Township FPD Mack engine 141 X-Ligonier, PA

Newport Township FPD Mack engine drafting from Lake Michigan in Winthrop Harbor

In the winter of 2008 at a 4-11 alarm fire in Winthrop Harbor, Engine 1413 drafted for the better part of a day out of Lake Mighigan. Larry Shapiro photo

Newport Township FPD Mack engine drafting from Lake Michigan at a Winthrop Harbor fire

Here's another view of the drafting operation with the fire in the background. That's Doug Reno trying to keep warm in the cab of the engine. Larry Shapiro photo

  • A 1977 CF Mack engine that carries 4,000 feet of 4″ hose. Unlike the other Newport rigs, this one has a black roof on the cab. It previously saw service in Ligonier, PA and was purchased  through the generosity of two department members.
  • A 1951 Willy’s Jeep parade piece with a 100-GPM front mounted pump and a 150-gallon water tank
  • A decommissioned and beautifully restored, 1969 Dodge Power Wagon W-300 which used to be the department’s brush rig
  • A 1981 R-Model Mack box truck ‘Heavy Rescue’ unit which carries TRT supplies
  • A 1988 R-Model Mack flatbed with a 6,000# knuckle boom crane which carries a trench box or, when it acts as a foam tender for the Quad 2 ARFF unit, it carries bulk foam
Newport Township FPD Dodge Power Wagon

Doug’s collection includes:

Wadsworth OH Ward LaFrance Ambassador engine

This engine is owned by Doug Reno ... just outside of Wadsworth, IL. The engine is from Wadsworth, OH. There is no Wadsworth Fire Department in Illinois as the town is covered by the Newport Fire Protection District. Larry Shapiro photo

  • A 1975 Ward LaFrance Ambassador engine labeled for the Wadsworth Fire Department (OH) with a 1,250-GPM pump and 500-gallon water tank sn 80-1129
  • A 1971 CF Mack engine that was refurbished in 1987 by Pierce for the Geneva, IL Fire Department in Kane County
  • A CF Mack engine from Duncannon, PA
Personal fire truck collection of Doug Reno

These are two of Doug's engines. They're stored in one end of the building which also houses Newport's crane truck 1455. Larry Shapiro photo

Geneva, IL Fire Department Mack CF Pierce engine

Geneva, IL (Kane County) had this 1971 Mack CF656 1000-GPM pumper refurbished by Pierce in 1987. Larry Shapiro photo

Geneva Fire Department Mack CF engine

The Geneva Mack/Pierce engine today as part of Doug Reno's collection. Larry Shapiro photo

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Orland is on the site

The Orland Fire Protection District which covers the towns or Orland Park and Orland Hills has been added to the site thanks to Karl Klotz. All six stations can be viewed along with the in-service and reserve apparatus. Karl has one ambulance (#1) yet to photograph before the listings are complete. Orland runs Pierce aerials and the engines are either Pierce or Darley. All of the ambulances were built by Road Rescue and are Type III units on Ford E450 chassis. The newest engines and ambulances were delivered in 2008.

Orland FPD Spartan Darley engine

Orland runs three of these units.

Orland FPD Ford/Road Rescue Type III MICU

Orland has several specialty units as well. They have a haz mat unit, small squad, TRT, dive, communications and a fire investigation unit. A favorite unit for many native Chicagoans is the 55′ Snorkel which is no longer in active service. It is reportedly used for public relations activities and lives at Station 6.

Orland FPD Station 1

Orland Station 1 at 9790 W. 151st Street with traditional red doors labeled with each company. Karl Klotz photo

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Des Plaines updates

In December, Des Plaines received their third Pierce engine. Going into service at station 3, Engine 63 replaced a 1995 E-ONE Hurricane 1500/750 top-mount. The new engine is the

Des Plaines Fire Department Engine 63 Pierce Arrow XT

first Arrow XT in Des Plaines as Engine 61, Engine 62 and Truck 81 are all on Dash chassis. The E-ONE is now designated Engine 64R and the 1993 Spartan/Darley that was previously lettered as Engine 64R has now become Engine 65R. This unit will be stored at the public works facility and will primarily act as a reserve piece for the truck companies. Most of the hose has been removed and it will carry as much of the truck tools as it can. For the detail people who follow apparatus, it is interesting to note that the rig has a 1500-GPM pump but is listed on the Pierce website as having a 2000-GPM pump.

Squad 55, the 6×6 military surplus TRT unit is sporting a new canvas cover for the bed. The OD-green cover has been replaced with one with a camouflage design.

Des Plaines Fire Department squad 55 6x6 Kaiser Jeep

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