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Car into a pond in Deerfield 1-1-12

Deerfield Fire responded to a car into a pond last night in the 500 block of Lake-Cook Road. The first arriving police officer was able to step onto the car’s roof, break out the window and assist the driver in getting out of the car. The office sustained cuts to his hand freeing the driver. Apparently, units on the scene were unclear about whether or not there were any other occupants in the car based on what the driver was able to tell them, so a request for divers was initiated.

Highland Park, Northbrook, Lake Forest and Lincolnshire responded with divers who ascertained that there where no other occupants inside the car. The divers hooked the car for the towing company to make the removal.

Tim Olk responded to the incident and submitted several images of the scene.

car into the pond in Deerfield 1-1-12

A late model Mercedes Benz left the roadway and ended up mostly submerged in a pond off Lake-Cook Road in Deerfield on Sunday night. Tim Olk photo

car into the pond in Deerfield 1-1-12

A Deerfield Police sergeant sustained cuts to his hand after climbing onto the roof of the submerged car and breaking out a window to free the driver. Tim Olk photo

car into the pond in Deerfield 1-1-12

Deerfield Engine 20 lights the scene where a driver lost control and drove into a pond. Tim Olk photo

car into the pond in Deerfield 1-1-12

After checking the car for trapped occupants, a fire department diver attaches a chain so the towing company can winch the car out of the water.. Tim Olk photo

car into the pond in Deerfield 1-1-12

A diver stands by to assist the tow driver with hooking the car for removal. Tim Olk photo

car into the pond in Deerfield 1-1-12

The tow truck begins to winches the car from the water. Tim Olk photo

car into the pond in Deerfield 1-1-12

The car is lifted out of the pond by the tow truck. Tim Olk photo

car into the pond in Deerfield 1-1-12

After being pulled from the water, the car is loaded onto the rollback. Tim Olk photo

Tim has a gallery with more images HERE.

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Orland is on the site

The Orland Fire Protection District which covers the towns or Orland Park and Orland Hills has been added to the site thanks to Karl Klotz. All six stations can be viewed along with the in-service and reserve apparatus. Karl has one ambulance (#1) yet to photograph before the listings are complete. Orland runs Pierce aerials and the engines are either Pierce or Darley. All of the ambulances were built by Road Rescue and are Type III units on Ford E450 chassis. The newest engines and ambulances were delivered in 2008.

Orland FPD Spartan Darley engine

Orland runs three of these units.

Orland FPD Ford/Road Rescue Type III MICU

Orland has several specialty units as well. They have a haz mat unit, small squad, TRT, dive, communications and a fire investigation unit. A favorite unit for many native Chicagoans is the 55′ Snorkel which is no longer in active service. It is reportedly used for public relations activities and lives at Station 6.

Orland FPD Station 1

Orland Station 1 at 9790 W. 151st Street with traditional red doors labeled with each company. Karl Klotz photo

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Elk Grove Station 8 is complete

Thanks to the helpfulness of firefighters at Station 8 in Elk Grove Village, all of the apparatus from that station is now updated on this site.  In addition to an engine and ambulance, this station houses the Elk Grove Special Teams: Dive – Technical Rescue & Haz Mat. Quint 8 also is stationed there as a reserve piece of equipment having been replaced in the not-to-distant past by the engine as a front line unit.

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New photos for Wheeling

An updated photo of Wheeling’s Truck 42 has been added to the posting for Station 24.  The 1994 Sutphen unit had some repairs done last year and received a new paint job making it the last match the balance of the fleet which is now white over red.  The only remaining lime green unit is the ARFF at Station 23.

Wheeling’s Dive Squad 23 and boat have been added to Station 23. This photo replaced the image of Twin Agent 23 which has been removed from service.WHLG_T42(G)lr-LS

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