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As seen around … Winnetka

From Josh Boyajian:

Winnetka Engine 28 – 2015 Spartan Gladiator/2016 Smeal 1500/500/30/20
Winnetka Truck 28 – 2010 Smeal Sirius 2000/350/75′ RM Quint
Winnetka FD Engine 28

Winnetka Engine 28 – 2015 Spartan Gladiator/2016 Smeal 1500/500/30/20

Winnetka FD Truck 28

Winnetka Truck 28 – 2010 Smeal Sirius 2000/350/75′ RM Quint. Josh Boyajian photo

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River Forest FD apparatus update

This from Dan McInerney:

River Forest Truck 219 was put back in service on 4/1/14. Repairs to the cab were made and a new ladder installed. Other additions include a reverse camera and a slim line LED lightbar across the center of the grill.


Smeal Sirius quint fire truck

Smeal quint for the River Forest Fire Department. Dan McInerney photo

Smeal Sirius quint fire truck

River Forest Truck 219. Dan McInerney photo

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Box Alarm fire in Winnetka, 2-26-14 (more)

More on last night’s house fire in Winnetka. A video from Larry Shapiro and some images from Tim Olk at the scene this morning.

ice covered fire scene aftermath

Tim Olk photo

ice on fire engine

Tim Olk photo

ice on fire engine

Tim Olk photo

fireman at fire hydrant in snow

Tim Olk photo

fire truck frozen after fire

Tim Olk photo

more images were posted to fire

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Box Alarm fire in Winnetka, 2-26-14

This from Larry Shapiro:

The Winnetka Fire Department was called to a house with smoke coming from the attic at 924 Pine Tree Lane just after 9PM on Wednesday evening. Prior to the fire department’s arrival, police units confirmed smoke from a house at the corrected address of 910 Pine Tree Lane.

The first engine turned down the street and was completely immersed in smoke with near zero visibility. They pulled past the house and the truck was able to back up to the driveway. Heavy smoke at the scene was the updated size up at a split level house that was being renovated. Companies attempted an interior attack as fire burned through the roof at the rear of the house. Northfield Truck 29 reported seeing heavy fire as they rounded the corner two blocks away.

house fully engulfed in fire at night

Winnetka Truck 28 at work as fire consumes the entire house. Larry Shapiro photo

The interior attack was abandoned shortly thereafter as the fire spread throughout the attic space. Fortunately the interior crews spotted a hole in the first floor before it could cause injury to any firefighters.

house fully engulfed in fire at night

Fire consumes the entire house. Larry Shapiro photo

house fully engulfed in fire at night

A Winnetka firefighter at the turntable operating the master stream from Truck 28. Larry Shapiro photo

The alarm was upgraded to a Box Alarm as an elevated master stream was put into operation from Winnetka Truck 28 in addition to multiple hand lines. As the fire progressed, Northfield Truck 29 also put an elevated master stream into service. The house backed up to Tower Road, and trucks from both Glenview and Skokie setup there but did not deploy master streams. Both ladders were put over the scene to provide illumination for firefighters.

Smeal fire truck working at night fire scene

Another view from the driveway as Truck 28’s master stream works. Larry Shapiro photo

two aerial ladder trucks at night fire scene with master streams

Northfield Truck 29 and Winnetka Truck 28 working from the front of the house. Larry Shapiro photo

fire truck at night surrounded by smoke

Heavy smoke blankets the scene and Northfield Truck 29 in Sector A. Larry Shapiro photo

fireman pulls hose through snow at night house fire

A firefighter pulls hose from Tower Road to the rear of the house. Larry Shapiro photo

Companies at the scene included engines from Winnetka, Glencoe, Highland Park, Northbrook, Highwood, and Evanston. Trucks on-scene were from Winnetka, Northfield, Glenview, and Skokie. Other units included a squad from Morton Grove, an ambulance from Wilmette, the MESS Canteen, and multiple chief officers.

firefighter at night covered with ice

A firefighter covered with a light coat of ice in Sector A. Larry Shapiro photo

Pierce fire truck at fire scene

Glenview Truck 14 had two lines off from Tower Road in the rear. Larry Shapiro photo

hose lines with ice connected to fire engine at night

Three lines off Winnetka Engine 28 in front of the house. Larry Shapiro photo

A video from the scene will be posted soon.

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New ladder for River Forest (update)

This from Josh Boyajian:

Here is a follow up to the post the other day. Here is a shot I took today of River Forest’s new Smeal ladder truck 219. From my understanding, it will follow the engine on all in-town fire calls. Also it will be going into surrounding towns auto-aid including Maywood.
River Forest Fire Department

River Forest Truck 219. Josh Boyajian photo

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