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As seen around …

This from Ryan Lee:

Found this picture from New Orleans just after hurricane Katrina.  There was a rumor that this demo rig demo’d a house as a demo for a CFD chief. Anybody know what this is???? Did Ferarra ever sell one??
Strong Arm Telescopic/Articulating Boom

Ferrara Strong Arm Telescopic/Articulating Boom.

Ferrara Strong Arm for sale

Strong Arm at work

Istanbul orders 10 Strong Arm aerials

From the Ferrara web site:

  • Strong Arm fire and rescue vehicle: an articulating and telescopic extreme duty aerial device capable of flowing 1500 GPM and lifting 1,800 to 10,000 pounds.  The Fifth Man Nozzle is made from hardened stainless steel.  With 50 individual jets, the Fifth Man Nozzle is perfectly suited for aspirating foam and creating a superior blanket of protection.  Additionally, the hardened stainless steel nozzle is capable of breaking through concrete walls and roofs, corrugated steel containers, burglar bars and other obstructions routinely encountered by fire fighters.  The extreme lifting capacity make the Strong Arm a great tool for collapse or high angle rescue operations.

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New ladder for River Forest (update)

This from Josh Boyajian:

Here is a follow up to the post the other day. Here is a shot I took today of River Forest’s new Smeal ladder truck 219. From my understanding, it will follow the engine on all in-town fire calls. Also it will be going into surrounding towns auto-aid including Maywood.
River Forest Fire Department

River Forest Truck 219. Josh Boyajian photo

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New engine in Gary

This from Josh Boyajian:

Took a little ride over the border to Gary . Got a shot of one of their new engines. This is Engine 13, a 2012 Sutphen pumper. They have two other new Sutphen engines at Engine 7 and 11. They also have two new ladders which are HME. I attached a small shot of the cab door of New Truck 2.


Gary Fire Department Sutphen fire engine

Gary Engine 13 is a 2012 Sutphen. Josh Boyajian photo

Gary Fire Department emblem

Door seal on the new Gary truck. Josh Boyajian photo

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