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Still Alarm fire in Chicago, 4-24-21

This from Steve Redick:

Chicago Still Alarm Talcott and Oketo


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3-Alarm fire in Long Grove, 4-22-21 (more)

More from the 3-Alarm fire in Long Grove, 4-22-21


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Commercial fire in Lake Zurich, 3-30-21

Lake Zurich firefighters were dispatched to a fire Monday night at the Burger King Restaurant, 642 S. Rand Road. Smoke was visible on arrival by the main door of the newly remodeled building. After hitting a fire on the exterior of the building, fire spread to an area behind a parapet and flames were visible from the roof. The alarm was upgraded to a MABAS Box Alarm for additional resources. Aerial master streams were deployed from the Wauconda Tower 341 and Buffalo Grove Quint 27. Firefighters on the roof then finished mopping up the area.

A partial list of companies at the scene included four Lake Zurich engines plus engines from Fox River Grove, Countryside, Wheeling and Palatine. Trucks from Wauconda, Buffalo Grove, and Arlington Heights. Squads from Long Grove, Cary, and Libertyville. Ambulances from Barrington, Barrington-Countryside, Palatine Rural and Nunda Rural. 

fire at the Burger King in Lake Zurich

Jimmy Bolf photo

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Apartment fire in Evanston, 12-23-20

This video was shot by Jim McCall Back in December, first on scene


thanks Steve

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Commercial fire in Chicago, 3-3-21

This from Steve Redick:

Chicago Still & Box 748 W 61st Street


commercial building fire in Chicago

Steve Redick photo

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Working fire in Hammond, IN – 2-7-21

From Tim Olk:

6224 Hohman Avenue in Hammond, IN

Hammond Firefighters at fire scene

Tim Olk photo

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2-11 Alarm fire in Chicago, 2-8-21 (more)

More from the 2-11 Alarm fire in Chicago, 2-8-21 by Tim Olk:

Chicago Fire Department fatal 2-11 Alarm fire at 8032 S Hermitage and 8028 S Hermitage

One person died in a 2-11 Alarm fire at 8032 S. Hermitage in Chicago 2-8-21

Tim Olk photo

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Motel fire in Melrose Park, 2-8-21

Excerpts from

At least one person was injured in a fire at a motel near O’Hare International Airport that started around 2 a.m. Monday at 2301 Mannheim Road, the O’Hare Kitchenette Motel. Frigid conditions made the fire extremely difficult to extinguish, and caused water issues in the motel. 

As many as 100 people may have been inside the motel when the fire started. The entire second floor has been destroyed, which is where long-term residents lived. Victims have been put up in other motels around the area.

The cause of the fire in under investigation.


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2-11 Alarm fire in Chicago, 2-8-21

UPDATE the 2-11 fire at 8032 South Hermitage is now a fatal fire. An adult female about 45 was pulled from the fire as soon as CFD arrived but she had already suffered severe burns and smoke inhalation. She was pronounced at U of C emergency. No working smoke alarms

Fire was reported at 956. CFD on scene four minutes. At 8032 Hermitage. Neighbors reported an occupant was inside crews went direct to location and found female with critical injuries not responsive.

From Chicago Fire Media@CFDMedia

Still and box for two homes on fire 8032 S Hermitage. One critical injury to university of Chicago by ambulance 75 Found on primary search.

Alert. 2-11 alarm 8032 hermitage

The 2-11 8032 S. Hermitage is now struck out. One critical injury adult female found in rear bedroom. Fire is now out. No CFD injuries. Four adults are now displaced.

fire engulfs Chicago bungalow

Chicago Fire Media@CFDMedia

fire engulfs Chicago bungalow

Chicago Fire Media@CFDMedia

fire engulfs Chicago bungalow

Chicago Fire Media@CFDMedia

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Fatal fire in Arlington Heights, 2-4-21

Firefighters from Arlington Heights, Palatine, Buffalo Grove, and Mount Prospect were dispatched to 1929 N Spruce Terrace in Arlington Heights around 8:20AM on Thursday (2/4/21) for a reported house fire. While en route, companies were advised that two residents might be inside and that neighbors reported hoarder conditions within the home. 

Flames were confirmed on arrival by Engine 2 who took a hydrant down the street followed by Palatine Engine 83 who setup in front of the house. The fire was in the rear of the house. Firefighters entered the house to search for the residents and found two adults. Both victims received medical attention before being loaded into ambulances. 

The fire was extinguished within 15 minutes and companies then chased hot spots and smoldering fire found throughout the cluttered contents.

It was reported that neither of the occupants pulled from the house survived.

winter house fire scene

Larry Shapiro photo


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