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Fatal fire in Chicago, 3-28-21

This from Eric Haak:

Here are some images taken from a fatal fire on March 28, 2021. The fire was at 2652A West Monroe Street in the 17th battalion.

Firefighters battle fire in a two-flat building

Eric Haak photo

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Double fatal fire in Chicago, 2-28-21 (more)

This from Eric Haak:

Here are some images from a double fatal still & box back on February 28th at 8642 S. Hermitage. The fire was well advanced before the first companies landed on the scene but an aggressive interior attack and search efforts were initiated despite those conditions. Sadly, two victims were located during the primary search. Both were transported and pronounced at local hospitals.

double fatal arson fire in Chicago

Eric Haak photo

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2-11 Alarm fire in Chicago, 4-2-21 (more)

More on the 2-11 Alarm fire in Chicago, 4-2-21 from Eric Haak:

Here are some images of the April 2nd, 2-11 Alarm at 53rd and Laflin. This began as rear porches in the 2.5-story frame and quickly spread to the “B” side exposure.

2-11 alarm fire in Chicago

Eric Haak photo

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Fatal fire in Chicago, 4-10-21

From CFD Media on Twitter:

Still and box. 9400 Halsted. Two story brick. One victim so far.

Still and box 9400 Halsted. One adult female to Christ. Serious. One adult male unaccounted for.

Still and box fire 9400 Halsted now struck out. Companies will renter building with hand lines to complete searches and catch hot spots. Roof is in

Still and Box on Halsted will be a fatal fire. One occupant non ambulatory was trapped inside. Flames too intense to make rescue. Adult male.

CFD teams will return to 9400 Halsted at 10am to distribute smoke alarms in the area. No alarms were heard in the building as crews entered.

scene of a fatal fire in Chicago

CFD Media photo

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Working fire in Mount Prospect, 4-7-21

Mount Prospect went to the Code 4 for a working fire at 1817 Tano Lane on Wednesday, 4/7/21.

Pierce Dash CF PUC fire engine at fire scene

Larry Shapiro photo

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As seen around … Cedar Rapids, IA

This from Isaac Main:

I am a Chicago-area native and fan of your blog and I witnessed a fire in an office building this evening where I live in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I don’t know if the readers of your blog would be interested in seeing these images and I don’t have any details about the fire because the scene is still active and I nothing has been reported in the news yet. I’ve attached a couple of images. I have more if you’re interested.
I don’t know any details about how many alarms (the Cedar Rapids Fire Department described it as a “major fire” on their Twitter), but there were 5 engines, two trucks (from two different cities), two ambulances, a heavy rescue, two battalion chiefs pickups, and another staff car of some sort. I heard several explosions and ran to the scene from my apartment, about a block away. There were flames through the roof when I arrived and the first engine showed up just before me. I think everyone in the building escaped unscathed. The building was occupied by a hospital and I think it was just offices, but I’m not sure given the explosions.
Thanks for your time,
Cedar Rapids fire trucks on scene

Isaac Main photo

Cedar Rapids fire trucks on scene

Isaac Main photo

Cedar Rapids FD incident commander

Isaac Main photo

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Garage fire in Lansing, 4-4-21

This from Brad Steinweg:

Lansing had a busy day. After sending an engine to Cal City and Munster, they had to deal with a fire of their own in the 18500 block of S. Oakley AVE. They also had a medical call during the fire which South Holland took. 

-Brad S.
Firefighters at work

Brad Steinweg photo


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Box Alarm fire in Munster, IN 4-4-21

This from Brad Steinweg:

One of the multiple fires MABAS 24 had throughout the day. 8300 block of Schreiber AVE. Box alarm brought engines from Highland, Lynwood & Glenwood, and trucks from Griffith & Cal City. Dyer sent an engine to man the station. 
Firefighters at house fire

Brad Steinweg photo

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2-Alarm fire in Cary, 4-5-21

This from Tri State – USFiR Photography:

Here are some photos from the 2nd alarm house fire on Holly Lynn Ln in Cary around 7am on 4/5/21. 

fire through the roof of a house

Tri State – USFiR Photography

More photos at this link

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2-11 Alarm fire in Chicago, 4-2-21

From CFD Media on Twitter:

2 and a half story main building and exposure. No injuries going defensive 5318 Laflin

The 2 11 5318. Laflin now struck out. No injuries so far. Third building was saved with water curtain.

Heavy damage to main fire building 5318 Laflin.

heavy smoke from Chicago house fire

CFD Media photo

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