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CFD HIT 5-1-1 apparatus

There has been a thread running from a previous post about the history of the CFD Hazardous Incident Team apparatus 5-1-1. Here are several photos which describe the changes over the years.

Chicago Fire Department 4-7-5

Prior to becoming a full-time haz mat unit, this 1979 Chevy Stepvan (G-418) was used for haz mat incidents. This unit, with a signature of 4-7-5 was assigned to the Emergency Preparedness & Disaster Services. Bill Friedrich collection.

Chicago Fire Department Flying Squad 4 Mack MB Platt

An image of Flying Squad 4 with their 1970 Mack MB/Platt unit which was identical to the unit that was later reassigned to HIT 5-1-1. Larry Shapiro collection

Chicago Fire Department Flying Manpower Squad 1

This shot is of Flying Squad 1 at the CFD shops prior to being repainted for 5-1-1. Bill Friedrich collection


Chicago Fire Department Hazardous Incident Team 5-1-1

1970 Mack MB/Platt (G-306) formerly saw service as Flying Manpower Squad 1. Bill Friedrich photo

Chicago Fire Department Hazardous Incident Team 5-1-1

Another shot of the Mack/Platt unit by Larry Shapiro

Chicago Fire Department Hazardous Incident Team 5-1-1

The first unit purchased specifically for the full-time HIT was this 1990 Spartan Gladiator/Saulsbury (G-492). Larry Shapiro photo

Chicago Fire Department Hazardous Incident Team 5-1-2

Chicago now staffs two full-time Hazardous Incident Teams that use identical rigs. Karl Klotz photo

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New (used) heavy rescue with crane for Newport FPD

Bill Friedrich informs us that the Newport FPD in Lake County has purchased a 1985 Mack MR/Saulsbury, walk-in, heavy rescue with a mid-ship mounted, 8-ton, 33-foot, National Crane from the Lutherville Volunteer Fire Company in Baltimore County, MD. The unit is not yet in Illinois, but reportedly will be soon. Lutherville’s apparatus are painted white with gold striping and a black band along the bottom. Lutherville replaced this squad in 2008 with a Pierce Velocity, tandem axle, walk-around, heavy rescue with a 10-ton National Crane.

Lutherville Vol Fire Company Squad 303 Mack MC Saulsbury National Crane

The Lutherville Vol Fire Company in Baltimore County, MD ran this 1985 Mack MR/Saulsbury heavy rescue as Squad 303 until it was replaced in 2008. Larry Shapiro photo

Lutherville Vol Fire Company Squad 303 in action

Lutherville Squad 303 demonstrates the capability of the crane to stabilize or lift a vehicle to assist with an extrication. Larry Shapiro photo from the book Cranes in Action, MBI Publishing

Lutherville Volunteer Fire Company MD Pierce Velocity heavy rescue National Crane

The Lutherville Vol Fire Co in Baltimore County MD put this Pierce Velocity heavy rescue into service in 2008. Squad 303 has a mid-ship mounted 10-ton National Crane. Larry Shapiro photo

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Joliet is on the site

Joliet Fire Department decal

The Joliet FIre Department in Division 15 has 10 stations. They have 212 career personnel that are responsible for a city which is over 38 square miles. Only nine of the stations are manned as Station 2 houses the Fire Investigation Unit and the Dive Rescue Unit. Joliet is an E-ONE department for 100% of their suppression units and a Horton department for EMS. They run two Battalions, two ladder trucks, one tower ladder, eight engines and six ambulances.

Joliet Fire Station 4

Joliet Station 4 is an example of one style firehouse utilized in the city. This is one of five similar houses.

Joliet Fire Station 10

There are three Joliet stations featuring the same design as Station 10 shown here.

Joliet Fire Department engine 10

Engine 10 is a one-of-a-kind in Joliet featuring a Saulsbury body and an E-ONE Cyclone cab.

Dennis McGuire, Jr., Karl Klotz and George Reichardt submitted the images to represent Joliet.

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Glen Ellyn is on the site

Glen Ellyn FC 1926 Seagrave pumper

The Glen Ellyn Fire Company becomes only the second department posted to date representing Division 12. They are a volunteer department with a paid chief and contract medics who staff one ambulance in each station. Glen Ellyn has a reputation for purchasing interesting apparatus that are not the ‘norm’ for the area. Unique to them, they order engines in pairs so that they can place identical units in each station. They have two pair of engines that were purchased like this; one pair from 1983 built by 3D on Spartan Silent Knight (rear engine) chassis and the other pair was purchased in 1993 that are on Spartan Gladiator chassis with Saulsbury bodies.

Glen Ellyn has a truck in each station and various squad units. For many years now one of their trucks has been a Snorkel. Currently they have a 2000 Spartan Gladiator/Marion 75′ Snorkel in the downtown house and a 102′ Grumman AerialCat in the Taft Avenue station.

Glen Ellyn Spartan/Marion/Snorkel

They have a beautiful statue outside their headquarters building, the money for which was donated to the department by an individual in recognition of the fire company celebrating their 100th anniversary in 2007.

Firefighter bronze statue Glen Ellyn

The money for this statue which resides at Glen Ellyn Station 1 was donated by an individual in recognition of the Glen Ellyn Fire Company Centennial in 2007. Larry Shairo photo

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