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Addison Fire District photo history

In what is the largest photo gallery to date, a recent history of the Addison Fire District apparatus and stations has been added to the site, which is accessible from the ‘Historic gallery’ button on the pages for each of the current Addison stations. Trucks dating back to the 1950s are illustrated along with staff cars and ambulances. Images for this gallery were submitted by Bill Friedrich and Larry Shapiro.

Addison Fire Department history

Addison Fire Department history 1965 ford fire truck

There was quite a difference between the 1965 Marion for Squad 107 and the 1994 Pierce that replaced it.

Addison Fire Department history 1994 Pierce Lance HDR

Addison Fire department history 1961 Howe pumper


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New area apparatus orders

Several fire departments in the area have placed orders for new apparatus.

From Marion:

  • Elk Grove Township – rescue pumper; Spartan Metro Star chassis with a 10-inch raised roof, extrication reels in the front bumper, a 1,500-GPM pump, 750 gallons of water and 50 gallons of foam (due February 2012)

From Pierce:

  • Bristol-Kendal FPD – Contender engine on a Saber chassis
  • Chicago Ridge – Saber engine
  • Evanston –  Arrow XT 100′ TDA
  • Homewood – Arrow XT 105′ rear mount aerial ladder
  • Lincolnshire Riverwoods FPD – Arrow XT 105′ rear mount aerial ladder quint
  • Lincolnwood – Arrow XT 100′ rear mount platform aerial
  • West Chicago FPD – Impel engine

Thanks to Bill Friedrich for updating this information.

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Oak Brook Terrace is on the site

Oak Brook Terrace FPD patchAnother department in MABAS Division 12 has been added to the web site. The Oak Brook Terrace Fire District operates out of one station and covers a district of 2.5 square miles with a combination of full-time and part-time personnel. This station is packed with apparatus. They have two engines, a tower ladder, two ambulances, a TRT trailer, and a pickup. As mentioned in previous posts, they just put a brand new Spartan/Marion engine into service. This unit represents a transition for the department to black over red rigs from white over red. The other engine and tower ladder are both E-ONE units and the ambulances were built by Medtec.

Chicago is well known as the birthplace for the Snorkel’s use in the fire service, and the entire Chicago metropolitan area was a mecca for Snorkels. Units could be found with every boom length that was offered and built by several different body builders. Prior to purchasing the 95′ tower ladder from E-ONE in 1991, this department had an unusual 85′ Snorkel on a conventional GMC 7000 chassis. This was one of the only Snorkels in the area that was not built on a C-Series chassis from Ford, a cab-over International, or on a custom fire truck chassis.

Oak Brook Terrace Fire District station

The headquarters station for the Oak Brook Terrace Fire District. Larry Shapiro photo

Oak Brook Terrace Fire District E-ONE engine

Oak Brook Terrace FPD Snorkel

This 1964, 85' Pitman Snorkel preceded the the E-ONE tower ladder in Oak Brook Terrace. Shown here at their old stations, the body was built by Pierce on a GMC 7000 chassis with a V-12 engine. Snorkel 86, as it was known at the time, had a 1,000-GPM pump and carried 200 gallons of water. Larry Shapiro collection

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Recent deliveries

Bill Friedrich has submitted photos of four recent deliveries to departments in Divisions 12, 13, and 19. It’s interesting to note that the first three of these new units are all painted black over red. Wheaton has had this color scheme for many years. St. Charles’ apparatus used to be white over lime green and they changed to black over red several years ago. Oak Brook Terrace has been white over red for many years, changing to black over red with this new engine.

Wheaton Fire Department Pierce Impel pumper PCU

Wheaton took delivery of this 2010 Pierce Impel PUC (sn 23210). Engine 431 has a 1,500-GPM pump and carries 750 gallons of water. Bill Friedrich photo

Oak Brook Terrace FPD Spartan Marion engine

The new engine in Oak Brook Terrace was built by Marion on a Spartan chassis with a Gladiator Classic MFDR cab. This has a 1,500-GPM pump with a 1,000-gallon water tank. It is the first rig in Oak Brook Terrace with a black cab roof, breaking tradition with the white roofs that they've had for many years. Bill Friedrich photo

More detail about the Spartan/Marion in Oak Brook Terrace

Oak Brook Terrace FPD Spartan Marion engine

The engineer's compartment is nicely designed for easy access to each item. Larry Shapiro photo

Oak Brook Terrace FPD Spartan Marion engine

The rear of Engine 311 shows a low hose bed design with NFPA mandated secure webbing. Larry Shapiro photo

Oak Brook Terrace FPD Spartan Marion engine

Another view of Engine 311 showing the rear and the officer's side with the hydraulic ladder rack. Larry Shapiro photo

Oak Brook Terrace FPD Spartan Marion engine

The curbside includes hydraulic tools for vehicle extrications. Larry Shapiro photo

St Charles Fire Department Pierce Arrow XT 100' quint

Truck 101 in St. Charles is running with this 2010 Pierce Arrow quint. It has a 1,500-GPM pump and a 500-gallon water tank. The 100' aerial is made of aluminum. Bill Friedrich photo

Manhattan FPD Spartan Gladiator Alexis engine

This is the new engine in Manhattan. It was built by Alexis on a Spartan chassis with a Gladiator Classic cab. Engine 1221 has a 1,500-GPM pump and a 750-gallon water tank. Bill Freidrich photo

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Manhattan has been added to the site

Another department in MABAS Division 19 has been added to the site. The Manhattan Fire Protection District covers 72 square miles from two stations. Their staffing consists of 9 full-time personnel, 35 part-time, and 35 POCs. The Manhattan fleet includes three IHC 4300/Road Rescue Type I ambulances and engines from Pierce and Alexis. They just received their newest engine which is a 2010, Spartan Gladiator Classic, Alexis with a 1,500-GPM pump, and 750 gallons of water. Manhattan received a new heavy rescue last year built by SVI Trucks which was also on a Spartan chassis with an extended, super command, Gladiator Classic cab. The old squad was built in 1986 on a Chevy Kodiak chassis by Marion, and is now owned by the Manhattan Emergency Management Agency (EMA).

Manhattan Fire Protection District Spartan SVI HDR

The 2009 Spartan Gladiator Classic/SVI heavy rescue/air unit/light unit assigned as Squad 1216 in Manhattan. Karl Klotz photo

Manhattan Fire Protection District Chevy Kodiak Marion HDR for Manhattan EMA

Manhattan's previous squad 1216 was this 1986 Marion Body unit on a Chevy Kodiak chassis. This rig is now with the Manhattan Emergency Management Agency (EMA). Karl Klotz photo

When the new Alexis engine was put into service, Manhattan donated old engine 1211, a 1984, IHC/Pierce with a 1,500-GPM pump and a 1,000-gallon water tank to the Hurst Fire and Rescue Department in Southern Illinois.

Manhattan Fire Protection District Spartan Gladiator Alexis engine

Manhattan's newest piece is this recently delivered Alexis engine on a Spartan chassis with a Gladiator Classic cab. It replaces a 1984 Pierce engine on an International chassis with a four-door cab. Karl Klotz photo

Manhattan Fire Protection District 1984 IHC Pierce engine donated to the Hurst Fire Department

Old engine 1211 was this 1984 Pierce commercial pumper that was built with an IHC cab and chassis. Members of the Manhattan FPD recently drove this unit to Southern Illinois where they presented it as a donation to the Hurst Fire & Rescue Department. Karl Klotz photo

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Glen Ellyn is on the site

Glen Ellyn FC 1926 Seagrave pumper

The Glen Ellyn Fire Company becomes only the second department posted to date representing Division 12. They are a volunteer department with a paid chief and contract medics who staff one ambulance in each station. Glen Ellyn has a reputation for purchasing interesting apparatus that are not the ‘norm’ for the area. Unique to them, they order engines in pairs so that they can place identical units in each station. They have two pair of engines that were purchased like this; one pair from 1983 built by 3D on Spartan Silent Knight (rear engine) chassis and the other pair was purchased in 1993 that are on Spartan Gladiator chassis with Saulsbury bodies.

Glen Ellyn has a truck in each station and various squad units. For many years now one of their trucks has been a Snorkel. Currently they have a 2000 Spartan Gladiator/Marion 75′ Snorkel in the downtown house and a 102′ Grumman AerialCat in the Taft Avenue station.

Glen Ellyn Spartan/Marion/Snorkel

They have a beautiful statue outside their headquarters building, the money for which was donated to the department by an individual in recognition of the fire company celebrating their 100th anniversary in 2007.

Firefighter bronze statue Glen Ellyn

The money for this statue which resides at Glen Ellyn Station 1 was donated by an individual in recognition of the Glen Ellyn Fire Company Centennial in 2007. Larry Shairo photo

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Area fire departments with apparatus on order

Retired Downers Grove Battalion Chief Bill Friedrich is well known to many area fire departments because of his years of  documenting fire apparatus throughout Illinois. In order to remain knowledgeable about new apparatus, Bill keeps track of apparatus that has been ordered by area fire departments and the subsequent deliveries.  He has recently shared with us his current compilation which is broken down by truck manufacturer.  Although he watches the entire state, we will list here the Northern Illinois rigs whose departments will be listed on this site.

Due from Pierce:

  • Glencoe-pumper
  • Winfield FPD-pumper
  • Lansing-tower ladder
  • Morris FPD-pumper
  • West Chicago-tower ladder
  • Plainfield-pumper & pumper-tanker
  • Oswego FPD-tower ladder
  • Troy FPD-pumper
  • Wheaton-pumper
  • St. Charles-ladder
  • NW Homer FPD-pumper
  • Evanston-pumper
  • NIPAS (Northern Illinois Police Alarm System) Tactical Team-rescue
  • Matteson-ladder
  • South Holland-ladder.

Delivered from Pierce:

  • Lombard-pumper
  • Bedford Park-pumper

Due from E-ONE:

  • Barrington-pumper
  • Wilmette- tower ladder
  • Hanover Park-pumper
  • Oak Lawn-quint

Delivered from E-ONE:

  • Carol Stream Quest tower ladder
  • Wilmette Cyclone II tower ladder

Due from Sutphen:

  • Exxon Mobile Refinery, Joliet-ladder

Delivered from Sutphen:

  • Exxon Mobile, Joliet-pumper

Due from Ferrara:

  • Buffalo Grove-pumper & tower ladder
  • Algonquin-tower ladder
  • Nunda-pumper

Due from Toyne:

  • Spring Grove-pumper/tanker

Due from Smeal:

  • Winnetka-ladder

Due from SuperVac:

  • Cherry Valley-HDR

Due from Marion:

  • Oak Brook Terrace-pumper

Due from Alexis:

  • Manhattan-pumper
  • Carol Stream-squad
  • Elburn-squad

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new pumper received by Itasca Fire

The Itasca Fire Protection District which is in both Division 1 and Division 12 is getting engine 823 ready to go into service. The new engine was built by Marion Body Works of Marion, WI on a Spartan Gladiator  chassis with an Evolution style cab. It is a top mount pumper with a 1250 GPM pump and 750 gallons of water carrying sn 70680. The rig is black over red with painted roll-up doors. Photos of this unit as well as a page for the Itasca FPD will be posted soon as photography was updated today. have been added to the site.

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