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New home for old fire house

An article from outlines a new occupant for a historic Oak Park firehouse.

There was a lot less history to account for in the villages of Oak Park and River Forest in 1970 — the year the local historical society set up shop in a single room of the landmark Pleasant Home at 217 Home Ave. But over more than four decades, the society’s collection of historic material, including tens of thousands of photos, grew, and the single bedroom expanded to the entire second and third floors of the mansion, explained Frank Lipo, executive director of the Historical Society.

Lipo said that if all goes well … the society [will] relocate to the historic Cicero Firehouse, 129 Lake St., (also known as the pump house) at the corner of Lombard Avenue in Oak Park.

The Pleasant Home site currently offers about 5,000 square feet for the group, but the fire house location would provide roughly 7,500 square feet, said Lipo, noting that the society also aims to eventually build an addition that would give the group more exhibition space.

To prime the pump (house), they held an open house of the new location on Saturday and another is planned for Thursday, April 24, from 4 to 7 p.m.

Lipo said the group has raised $500,000 to set up a geothermal heating and cooling system at the new location and to facilitate the demolition and renovation of interior walls and remove drop ceilings.

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2014 Illinois Firefighter Medal of Honor Ceremony award recipients

This from Dennis McGuire, Jr:

The 21st Annual Illinois Fallen Firefighter Memorial and Firefighter Medal of Honor Ceremony will be held Tuesday, May 6, 2014 in Springfield, IL. The following are Chicago Fire Department Local 2 members who will be receiving awards at this year’s ceremony.

Certificate of Recognition Award

            Firefighter/EMT Edtismond Johnson, T40

           Firefighter/Paramedic Joseph White, III, E38


Firefighter Excellence Award

            Firefighter/EMT Sean Butler, E56

            Firefighter/EMT Jason Flores, T13

            Fire Paramedic Edward Gilbridge, A21

            Firefighter/Paramedic Anthony Licato, E93

            Engineer/EMT John Meade, E101

            Firefighter Robert Murphy, T15


Medal of Valor Award

            Firefighter/EMT Joseph Atkins, Sqd 5

            Firefighter/EMT Cedric Collins, ASR

            Firefighter/EMT Michael Diete, T11

            Lieutenant/EMT Ronald Ellingsen, T12

            Captain/EMT Alfred Kiefer, Headquarters 

            Firefighter/EMT Kevin Martin, T15

            Firefighter John McClorey, ASR

            Firefighter John Veller, E38


Medal of Honor Award

            Lieutenant/EMT John Majka, E93

            Firefighter Michael Kappel, T56

            Captain/EMT Mauricio Rodriguez, E116

            Firefighter/EMT James Wagner, ASR

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New TRT squad for Division 20

Images from Don Tessler of the new IHC 7400/Marion squad for MABAS Division 20 that will be housed at Bensenville Station 18

heavy rescue squad

2014 IHC 7400/Marion TRT squad for MABAS Division 20. Don Tessler photo

heavy rescue squad

Rear of the new Division 20 TRT squad. Don Tessler photo

heavy rescue squad

2014 IHC 7400/Marion TRT squad for MABAS Division 20. Don Tessler photo

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