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Study reviews increased cancer risk for firefighters

An article on talks about a higher than normal risk of cancer for firefighters.

new study reveals a surprising link between firefighters and cancer. Nearly 15,000 of them were included in this research, and the results could lead to some big changes in the way firefighters do their jobs.

A newly released study looked at 30,000 firefighters from three departments: Chicago, San Francisco  and Philadelphia over nearly 60  years.

The conclusion, according to Tom Ryan, president of the Chicago Firefighters Union Local 2: “Our cancer levels will be higher than the average person.”

Chicago firefighters are two and half times more likely to develop mesothelioma from exposure to asbestos. They also have a higher rate of digestive and respiratory cancers and develop kidney, bladder and prostate cancers far younger than the average age of 65. …  chemicals released when modern-day materials burn and are breathed in. They may also be absorbed through the skin, even away from the fire.

A companion study recommends keeping gear outside the truck after fighting a fire and then storing it in its own ventilated room at the station. Firefighters should also shower immediately after.

More than 30 types of cancer were examined in this research … later this year … a second phase of the study will be released that should give a better idea of how exposures to certain chemicals might lead to specific cancers.

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Chicago FD photo exhibit

Firemen of Chicago Photo Exhibit


Car into building in Glenview 4-24-14

This from Drew Smith:

From the CAD:

11:28AM Thu 04/24/2014 TRT3 HAS BEEN DISPATCHED TOCFS:13 MUTUAL AID Loc:3980 TRIUMVERA DR ,GV NM APT#: GRID:9999 Date/Time:04/24/2014 11:28:29 From RED CTR

This was a car into the building call. I did not hear the Glenview dispatch but heard RED Center send Engine 1 and TRT3. I was on Central Rd heading to NIPSTA for a MABAS meeting so I took it in cold. Upon arrival noted the car into the garage and a heavy odor of natural gas in the area. I was parked about 100 yards or more from the incident. GV had a line pulled and was working to secure the gas. I do not know if there were any injuries. As soon as I arrived at the command post Battalion 6 returned TRT3 and E1 as well as some GV companies.

car crashes into building

Drew Smith photo

car crashes into building

Drew Smith photo

fire trucks at scene

Drew Smith photo

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New ambulance for Bedford Park

From the Fire Service, inc. FaceBook page

ambulance photo

New unit for Bedford Park Ambulance 714. Fire Service, Inc. photo

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