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Task force to study on-scene safety

ABC20 has an article about a resolution in the state legislature to form a task force that will look into on-scene safety for police officers, firefighters, and EMS personnel.

Lawmakers Aim To Reduce Roadside Risks For Emergency Responders

Local lawmakers are trying to create the Emergency Responder Roadway Safety Task Force to find new ways to keep those men and women safer.”As firefighters we understand our job is just inherently dangerous. However, anytime we can minimize those dangerous circumstances, we obviously wholeheartedly support it,” Chuck Sullivan with the Associated Firefighters of Illinois said.Task force members would be chosen from Illinois firefighters, police officers, and emergency medical crews. Their job would be to put together a report on any equipment or dispatch tactics that could reduce the risk to those on scene, and present those findings to lawmakers by next year.

“The task force obviously has great intentions. I don’t know of any opposition at this point. And then once the task force comes to some conclusions then we’ll see legislation from the task force be introduced,” Sullivan said.

This resolution would cost taxpayers little or no money, as members of the task force would be volunteers. The Illinois Emergency Management Agency would be responsible for offering support to the group while they conduct their review.

The resolution is sponsored by Sens. Chapin Rose of Champaign and Jason Barickman of Bloomington. It’s currently being reviewed by the Senate transportation committee.

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Barrington chief questions fire district response

The Daily Herald has an article about tensions between the Barrington Fire Department and the Barrington Countryside Fire District.

Barrington’s fire chief is publicly questioning the procedures of the recently formed Barrington Countryside Fire Protection District’s department after a recent house fire just blocks from the village’s border.

[Barrington] Chief Jim Arie said his firefighters could have made it to the scene of the April 9 fire at 1025 S. Grove St. in nearly half the time that it took Barrington Countryside, but were never called to assist in battling the blaze.

Arie reported at a recent public meeting of the Barrington village board that the first fire engine on the scene from Barrington Countryside arrived in five minutes and 34 seconds, whereas an engine from the Barrington village station, located less than two miles from the fire, would have arrived in less than three minutes. The Barrington Countryside engine first on the scene had to travel just over 3½ miles.  Arie said the more than two minute time difference was important.

“Fire doubles in size about every minute,” he said, noting that the blaze initially was reported to have started in the garage, but was fully involved fire by the time Barrington Countryside firefighters arrived.

It’s extremely unusual for neighbors not to work with each other regarding when an emergency call goes on, such as the case here,” Arie said. “(It) is very unfortunate for everybody, especially the public.”

Barrington Countryside Fire Chief Jeffrey Swanson refuted Aries’ claims that his district handled the call improperly. He said he is proud of his firefighters’ work in the April 9 fire, adding that their efforts saved about $200,000 in property damage to the home.

When a fire occurs, it’s standard practice for emergency dispatchers to inform departments in neighboring jurisdictions. Which departments are called, and when, is determined by lists prepared by each agency and aid agreements worked out among the departments.  Barrington Countryside does not have the Barrington Fire Department in the first group of neighboring departments to be contacted when a fire south of Lake-Cook Road is reported. Instead, departments in Carpentersville, East Dundee, Hoffman Estates, Cary and Long Grove are notified first.

Swanson said the district is satisfied with its list, and noted that the Barrington Fire Department is in the second group of agencies to be called. He added that the fire district will review the call list. “If we need to change it, we will change it,” he said

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New TRT squad for Division 20 (more)

Martin Nowak found this link on the Marion website to a full set of photos of the new TRT for MABAS Division 20.

fire department squad

Marion Fire Apparatus photo

fire department squad

Marion Fire Apparatus photo

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