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Fire hydrants … as art

Dan McInerney spotted this new program coming to Chicago:

A Celebration of Chicago’s Heroes
Colorful sculptures of Chicago’s iconic fire hydrants will be placed throughout the City in tribute to the work and heroism of our beloved Chicago Firefighters. Net proceeds will benefit charities that support the families of fire victims and other fire safety programs.


This citywide public art installation will feature oversized replicas of Chicago’s iconic standard fire hydrants designed, painted, decorated and/or dressed by noted artists, architects, and fashion and interior designers


A collection of 101 hydrants symbolically representing each Chicago firehouse. Locally manufactured in durable, weather-resistant white fiberglass.
Each hydrant is approx. 5’ tall.


101 firehouses protect Chicago’s neighborhoods. Each firehouse is a vital part of the City’s emergency response infrastructure. Chicago firefighters have the fastest emergency response time in the nation.


Sponsor a single hydrant, a series of hydrants, or the entire collection through customized category-exclusive marketing. Sponsors may choose their own artist or work with our curator to find someone to bring their brand to life.

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Cicero FD apparatus updates

This from Larry Shapiro:

The Cicero Fire Department has placed an order with Pierce for a Dash PUC engine that is expected in February. It will replace Engine 3, a 1999 Pierce Saber.

Cicero Fire Department

Cicero Engine 3 has been placed into reserve status and will be replaced by a new engine that has been ordered. Larry Shapiro photo

Cicero also has a relatively new command buggy in service as F12.

Cicero Fire Department

The Cicero Shift Commander F12 is in this 2010 Chevy Tahoe. Larry Shapiro photo

Metro Paramedic Services, part of Superior Ambulance, who provides EMS for Cicero has placed a new ambulance at the headquarters station. It was built by Demers Ambulances (a Canadian builder) in 2012 on a 2011 Mercedes Benz Sprinter chassis. The new F10 is expected to be placed in service shortly.


Cicero Fire Department

New 2012 Type II ambulance for Cicero F10 by Demers Ambulances on a 2011 Sprinter chassis. Larry Shapiro photo

Cicero Fire Department

Rear view with full chevron striping for Cicero F10. Larry Shapiro photo

Cicero Fire Department

Passenger side of new Sprinter Ambulance F10 with large sliding door. Larry Shapiro photo

Cicero Fire Department

Manufacturer’s law tag.

Cicero Fire Department

Daimler AG law tag.

Cicero Fire Department

Interior of the patient treatment and transport area. Larry Shapiro photo





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Aurora FD station assignments

In response to the recent post about the Aurora Fire Department and the active comments discussing their operations, a reader submitted the following information for clarification purposes :

All engines and trucks are E-One. All front line engines have 750-gal booster tanks and 1500-gpm pumps. Trucks are 0/0 (true trucks). All front line ambos are from Medtec on the Ford E-350 chassis except for Medic 10 which is a Medtec on a Ford F-450. The reserve ambos are all Ford E-350s, but some are Lifeline.

Here are the station assignments:

Central Station-

  • Engine 1,
  • Truck 2 (110′ straight stick),
  • Medic 1,
  • Car 24 (Ford eEpedition, this is the duty shift commander),
  • reserve Medic 2,
  • reserve Truck 21 (95′ tower),
  • squad 2 (hazmat heavy rescue squad),
  • rescue 1 (trt),
  • rescue 23 (dive squad),
  • zodiac boat,
  • air boat (has been used as an mvu!),
  • hazmat supply trailer,
  • ems golf cart,
  • car 19 (ems support),
  • car 18 (staff van)
  • numerous chief cars

Station 3- 

  • Engine 3,
  • Medic 3,
  • Battalion 2 (Expedition, west side chief),
  • reserve engine 33

Station 4-

  • Engine 4,
  • Medic 4,
  • reserve Medic R4 (definitely Lifeline)

Station 5-

  • Engine 5,
  • Medic 5,
  • Battalion 1 (Expedition, east side chief),
  • Arson Investigation Truck I20,
  • reserve Engine 55,
  • reserve Medic R5

Station 7-

  • Engine 7 (that was easy)

Station 8-

  • Engine 8,
  • Medic 8,
  • Truck 6 (95′ tower),
  • zodiac boat,
  • Salvation Army canteen

Station 9-

  • Engine 9,
  • reserve Engine 99,
  • hazmat decon trailer,
  • ems golf cart

Station 10-

  • Engine 10,
  • Medic 10,
  • Truck 11 (95′ tower),
  • zodiac boat,
  • reserve Medic R10

Station 12-

  • Engine 12,
  • zodiac boat,
  • reserve Engine 77


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