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Northwest departments amend mutual aid agreement


Press Release

August 21, 2013

The Palatine Rural Fire Protection District, the Village of Palatine Fire Department and the City of Rolling Meadows Fire Department Update Automatic Aid Agreements.

 Fire department officials from the Palatine Rural Fire Protection District, the Village of Palatine and the City of Rolling Meadows have identified another opportunity to further enhance existing intergovernmental agreements.  Chief officers from the three jurisdictions have agreed to update separate agreements pertaining to command and control of emergency incidents to allow the closest designated incident commander to respond and assume command of emergency incidents.  Prior to this alteration, incident command functions were provided to the Palatine Rural Fire Protection District’s jurisdictional response area via separate agreements with the Rolling Meadows and Palatine Fire Departments.  In the updated arrangement, Rolling Meadows Fire Department shift commanders will assume command of all incidents within the southern response area of the Palatine Rural District; specifically all areas south of Palatine Road.  Incidents north of Palatine Road will be managed by the Village of Palatine Fire Department’s on duty incident commander.

Since 2012, the three jurisdictions have met on a regular basis to explore opportunities to consolidate administrative and operational duties in an effort to provide safer and more efficient use of resources.  Expanded training opportunities and emergency response efforts continue to evolve and develop as a result of enhanced partnering efforts between the three organizations.


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Area departments support Prescott AZ

 The LCC K-9 Comfort Dogs, handlers and staff collected patches from various fire departments in their area and presented them to the Prescott Fire Department.

thanks Drew

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Orland FPD to remodel Station 2

The Orland Fire Protection District is about to begin remodeling their station #2.

Station 2, located at 151st & 80th Avenue, was originally built in 1980. The station was commissioned to accommodate the volunteer / POC personnel, and consisted of one bay and an office / kitchen / day area. It was not intended for full-time housing / response.

As the need for service expanded, so did Station 2’s intended use with many updates being done through the years to accommodate for overnight stay and 24-hour operation. New bays were added and the kitchen/day area had been expanded as well. Because Station 2 has been reconfigured and added onto so many times, to bring the station to current code and use would simply be a short-term solution. Therefore, the Orland Fire Protection District Board of Trustees has approved a full and complete remodel of Station 2 at the June 2013 Board of Trustees’ meeting.

The project is getting underway this fall 2013, and is expected to take approximately 8 weeks.


Orland Fire Protection District

Artist’s rendering of the updated OFPD Station #2.

A link to the renovation plans can be found HERE.

Orland Fire Protection District fire station

Orland FPD Station 2 as it stands today. Karl Klotz photo

Thanks Kevin

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