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Antioch FD to provide EMS in the village (update)

The Lake County News-Sun has an article about the Village of Antioch extending their contract for EMS with Superior.

ANTIOCH — The village will continue to contract with Superior Air-Ground Ambulance Service for 90 more days, extending the initial contract made six months ago when the village terminated its 72-year relationship with the not-for-profit Antioch Rescue Squad.

“We are providing better service to our residents, cutting response time by 15 to 20 seconds,” said Antioch Fire Chief John Nixon. “Under the direction of the fire department, Superior has performed extremely well. We are providing enhanced level of care with our advanced life support engines answering each call with the ambulance. This means that we are sending at least four paramedics and EMTs to every call. Having that kind of response is crucial to dealing with the patient, talking to the family and taking a health history at the same time we are administering care.”

“We have made a transition of EMS services under battlefield conditions and so far, so good. I don’t see us going back to ARS,” said Trustee Dennis Crosby. “The value is being transparent and handling our own destiny,” he said, referring to the ARS policy of not sharing its policies, procedures and revenues with the public. “If we are providing better life-saving service to our residents, it is all worth the time and effort.”

After 90 days, the village will transition to using village-owned ambulances. “We have two fully-equipped ambulances with a third to be purchased and equipped at a future date as back-up,” said Nixon. “The plan is to get the first two ambulances to pass state inspection and get them on the street within the next 90 days.”

A new agreement will be negotiated with Superior or another provider for personnel to staff the ambulances that are housed at Station 1 downtown and Station 2 on Deep Lake Road.

In the first four months that the village has contracted with Superior Ambulance service, the ambulance company responded to 416 calls. The fire department responded to 226 fire calls, doubling village-provided life-safety services, said Nixon, who projects an annual increase from 1,000 fire calls to a combined total of 2,300 fire and EMS calls.

While fire services cost the village $585,000 annually, EMS personnel adds another $818,000 to personnel cost for 12 full-time paramedics with an additional $53,000 annually for each leased ambulance. “We will save $106,000 annually by eliminating the leased ambulances,” said Nixon.

The reason fire personnel costs are lower is that the department only has one full-time employee, Fire Chief Nixon, otherwise utilizing part-time paid, on-call firefighters. “Remember, this is just the village’s portion of the cost for fire services. The actual cost for fire protection is more than $1 million because we share them equally with the First Fire District.”

The village is working with the township, served by the First Fire Protection District, to work out a joint agreement to provide fire and rescue services. Historically the village has shared costs with the fire district for fire protection but each entity has been separately responsible for providing rescue service. The township is continuing to contract with ARS for rescue calls in the township.

The original contract was for 180 days.

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Cicero FD apparatus updates

This from Larry Shapiro:

The Cicero Fire Department has placed an order with Pierce for a Dash PUC engine that is expected in February. It will replace Engine 3, a 1999 Pierce Saber.

Cicero Fire Department

Cicero Engine 3 has been placed into reserve status and will be replaced by a new engine that has been ordered. Larry Shapiro photo

Cicero also has a relatively new command buggy in service as F12.

Cicero Fire Department

The Cicero Shift Commander F12 is in this 2010 Chevy Tahoe. Larry Shapiro photo

Metro Paramedic Services, part of Superior Ambulance, who provides EMS for Cicero has placed a new ambulance at the headquarters station. It was built by Demers Ambulances (a Canadian builder) in 2012 on a 2011 Mercedes Benz Sprinter chassis. The new F10 is expected to be placed in service shortly.


Cicero Fire Department

New 2012 Type II ambulance for Cicero F10 by Demers Ambulances on a 2011 Sprinter chassis. Larry Shapiro photo

Cicero Fire Department

Rear view with full chevron striping for Cicero F10. Larry Shapiro photo

Cicero Fire Department

Passenger side of new Sprinter Ambulance F10 with large sliding door. Larry Shapiro photo

Cicero Fire Department

Manufacturer’s law tag.

Cicero Fire Department

Daimler AG law tag.

Cicero Fire Department

Interior of the patient treatment and transport area. Larry Shapiro photo





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Antioch Fire Department to provide EMS in the village (more)

Recent posts have followed the decision of the Village of Antioch to obtain EMS from the fire department instead of the Antioch Rescue Squad.

Jeff Rudolph submitted this image of an ambulance in one of the fire stations.

Antioch fire has contracted to Superior for medics. This is what they're running
Antioch Fire Department to provide EMS

Superior Ambulacne in the Antioch fire station. Jeff Rudolph photo

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Antioch FD to provide EMS in the village (update)

The Chicago Sun-Times has an article about the new EMS services beginning today in the village of Antioch:

Beginning June 1, Superior Air-Ground Ambulance Services will provide emergency medical services for village residents, providing two Advance Life Support (ALS) ambulances staffed daily around the clock from the two village fire stations.

Village officials have agreed to contract with the private ambulance service company for 180 days after the current contract with Antioch Rescue Squad, the village’s EMS provider for the last 72 years, expires at 11:59 pm May 31.

A link to the complete article is HERE.

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Antioch Fire Department to provide EMS in the village

The following announcement was posted to the Antioch Fire Department website:

By Fire Chief John Nixon

May 24, 2013

The Village of Antioch voted at a special board meeting on May 23rd to begin providing ambulance services to the residents of the village directly under the direction of the Antioch Fire Department. Superior Air Ground Ambulance Service, Inc. was awarded a six month contract to provide two fully equipped ambulances and four on-duty fire and EMS personnel beginning June 1st. This action was necessary as a result of the sudden departure by the village’s former EMS provider, the Antioch Rescue Squad. At the May 20th village board meeting ARS declined an offer from the village board to extend their contract to serve village residents and businesses for another six months. Antioch Fire Department will now be the responsible agency for delivery of fire and paramedics services to the community. In addition to the already equipped ALS Engines, fire department ambulances will be placed at fire station 1 on Holbek Drive and fire station 2 on Deep Lake Road to serve village residents.

new ambulance for the Antioch Fire Department

Antioch Fire Department photo

Here is the previous article about the departure of the Antioch Rescue Squad.

thanks Jeff

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