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Roberts Park updates

This from Martin Nowak:

“Staff Car – Chief Ketchen outlined the draft budget includes the replacement of one staff car this coming fiscal year. Chief’s intent is to sell the 2003 Crown Victoria, and move the Deputy Chief’s vehicle into the staff fleet. Permission granted by the Board to move forward with the purchase of a new vehicle for the Deputy Chief.  Ambulance Re-Chassis – Chief Ketchen proposed the replacement of the chassis on Ambulance 32. The 2009 ambulance has been plagued with problems since its purchase. The preliminary estimate is $62,000.


A motion was made by Trustee Lorenz to proceed with the re-chassis of Ambulance 32, with fees not to exceed $70,000.00.”


Car Replacement – Having been given permission by the Board to replace the Deputy Chief’s vehicle, Chief initially indicated that we would sell the 2003 Crown Victoria. After some consideration, Chief would like to evaluate the Crown Vic and the 2005 Impala to determine which car we should keep to best serve the District’s interests. On Site Refueling – Chief submitted a proposal from Palatine Oil to install on site Diesel and Gasoline pumps. The only costs associated with installation would be to run electricity to the site and install a protective barrier around the tanks. No installation or permit fees are associated with the project. Permission granted from the Board to move forward.

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Rolling Meadows researches moving Station 15

The Daily Herald has an article about the Village of Rolling Meadows investigating the relocation of the downtown fire station:

Rolling Meadows’ downtown fire station could be moved to better serve residents of the south and southeast parts of the city, the city council indicated Tuesday night.

Reacting to a consultant’s report that the station should be moved and the fact that the fire department building at Kirchoff Road and Meadows Drive is considered badly in need of repair, aldermen directed Chief Scott Franzgrote to bring ideas for where to build a new station.

The south and southeast parts of the city have more calls for service than the north side, the report said.

The council also reiterated on a 5-2 straw poll the decision from years ago to reject building a third fire station, saying the community could not afford it. The city’s second station is on Meacham Road south of Kirchoff Road.

The council was closely divided on whether to build the new station on the site of an equally decrepit old public works building at Central Road and Barker Avenue, as recommended by the consultants. That building is used for storage.

The council also rejected a recommendation to add an ambulance and six paramedic-firefighters to the department.


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Crystal Lake fire stations

From Tyler Tobolt:

Photos of Crystal Lake Fire Stations 1, 3, and 4
Crystal Lake Fire Department

Crystal Lake Fire Department Station 1. Tyler Tobolt photo

Station 1 – 100 W Woodstock St
Engine 341
Engine 340 (Reserve)
Tender 371
Tower 381
Battalion 330
Squad 359
Ambulance 352
Ambulance 355
Crystal Lake Fire Department

Crystal Lake Fire Department station 3. Tyler Tobolt photo

Station 3 – 844 Virginia St
Engine 343
Ambulance 353
Brush Truck 361
MABAS 5 special equipment
Crystal Lake Fire Department

Crystal Lake Fire Department Station 4. Tyler Tobolt photo

Station 4 – 8705 Bard Rd
Engine 344
Ambulance 354
Dive 391


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