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Fire Museum of Greater Chicago Fundraiser Reminder!

Don’t forget that Sunday is the date for the Fire Museum of Greater Chicago Fundraiser!

Greater Chicago Fire Museum


New home for Oak Lawn truck

Karl Klotz has informed us that Anne Arundel County Maryland has purchased the former Oak Lawn E-ONE truck 3.  It will be assigned to Truck Co. 31.

Oak Lawn FD EONE truck

Former Truck 3 from Oak Lawn, a 2008 Cyclone II CR100 rear mount aerial. Larry Shapiro photo

Oak Lawn firefighters spec’d out this truck during the term of an interim chief. When a permanent chief was hired, a decision was made that a 75′ quint would better serve the fire department’s needs.  This unit was taken out of service along with the 1991 Pierce Lance HDR and both were offered for sale. Truck 3 as it is pictured here was in service for only a few months.

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Joliet Fire Department Patch

We recently received a Joliet Fire Department patch to update the JFD pages on the site. Along with the patch came an introduction/description of the patch and it’s design. Much thought and energy went into the design of this patch as described below.

Joliet Fire Department patch

The Joliet Fire Department Patch

The design of the patch creates a visual image which signifies an organization that is well trained and capable of responding to and controlling the emergencies which daily threaten the citizens of, and visitors to the City of Joliet. This patch stands alone, is unique to the JFD, and represents the values of the JFD.

The Joliet Fire Department (JFD) shoulder patch was designed by the Uniform Committee and was implemented as the official patch in April of 1997.

The Joliet in gold at the top denotes the new Joliet. The center of the patch denotes the emblem that is on all of the JFD equipment. The number 1852 in the red area is the year that the city was chartered and the year that the fire department was officially recognized to protect the city.

The area surrounding the inner design denotes the services provided by the JFD;

  • Fire – fire fighting, fire prevention, fire and arson investigation, public education, juvenile fire setting counseling, and the hazardous materials response team.
  • Rescue – includes confined space, below grade, high angle, building collapse, water rescue, and specialized rescue involving farm equipment.
  • Medics – the JFD is an Advanced Life Support provider with paramedics on ALS ambulances and engines. All other equipment is staffed by EMT-B’s or IDOT trained first responders.

The red, white, and blue overall color scheme represents our nation’s flag.

The red flame is associated with an emergency needing immediate attention while the blue area creates an image of confidence and self control.

Finally, the shape of the patch is made to resemble the shield worn on the firefighter’s helmet.

All ten Joliet stations were posted to the site several weeks ago, and it was brought to our attention that many rigs were missing and some were not shown in the proper stations. All 10 stations have now been updated with the help of Deputy Chief Randich and although there are still several missing images, we hope that we are substantially more accurate and up-to-date with the current state of the JFD fleet and stations. Thanks to Steve Redick and Hank Sajovic for providing additional images.

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