Firegeezer posted the following:

AFFI Brothers and Sisters, Illinois Fire Service members and the family of Hinsdale Deputy Chief Mark Johnson:

The members of IAFF Local 4646 are ashamed of the irresponsible behavior and comments made by officials and citizens at a recent Oak Brook Citizens Financial Advisory Committee meeting.

We are extremely grateful to all of you for your support. Some of you alerted the media, others created websites, and even more expressed their desire to attend Tuesday’s Oak Brook Board of Trustees meeting to express your outrage directly.

We would greatly appreciate it if you could delay attending a trustee meeting until our local finishes consulting with our executive board, Local 4646 membership, the AFFI and the IAFF on the proper course of action.

Thanks again brothers and sisters. We’ll keep you informed of further developments.


George Grodek, President
IAFF Local 4646


If you have not already seen the original Firegeezer article, it has an in depth look at the committee and those who spoke. Check it out HERE

The Firegeezer article has a link to a Daily Herald article about the library issue HERE involving the person who does all of the talking on the FD issue. Note in that article how the city needs to provide police and firefighters and building inspectors as a primary obligation.