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Local 2 calls out the city inspector general has an editorial HERE entitled Local 2 to I.G. – “Butt Out!” where Firegeezer outlines some history involving CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, INSPECTOR GENERAL Joseph Ferguson and his recent public outcries which go beyond the scope of his office and position. These include offering budget options to the city council which among other things called for a reduction in Chicago Fire Department manning and then recommending specific disciplinary actions for members of the CFD Fire Prevention Bureau apparently caught padding mileage summaries for usage of their own vehicles followed. Then he states that the bureau should be closed and combined with other city inspection services.

Commissioner Hoff advised Fergie that he (Hoff) will be making the decisions on what disciplinary action will be taken and to forget about putting fire inspections in the purview of plumbers and electricians.

The editorial includes a letter to the public which was sent to the media by Tom Ryan, President of the FF union Local 2.

Excerpts include:

Last October, Mr. Ferguson provided an unsolicited Budget Options Report to the City Council in the form of a press release. Included in that report was an “option” for the City to reduce staffing on fire apparatuses from five firefighters to four. His report stated that this option was based on the National Fire Protection Association’s recommendation for “a minimum of only four personnel on each fire apparatus.” What Mr. Ferguson omitted from his report was the very next sentence of the NFPA Journal interview from which the recommendation was cited: “For special service vehicles, the standard states the apparatus must be staffed with the appropriate personnel to accomplish the tasks that the company will be expected to perform in a safe manner.” Additionally, the NFPA makes it clear in the same article that the staffing standard “is currently based on a fire in a typical single-family, two-story, 2000-square-foot house without basement or exposures.” The NFPA also states that in areas with “high target hazards” such as large manufacturing districts, skyscapers, hospitals, schools, nursing homes, and special needs facilities there should be a minimum of five firefighters, and in some cases, even six. This High Target Hazard designation of course applies to virtually every one of Chicago ’s 50 wards.

This week the Inspector General’s Office leaked details of an internal report recommending the dismissal of Fire Prevention Bureau personnel to the media before a disciplinary review could be conducted by the Fire Commissioner. As such, the Inspector General may have again compromised the integrity of his report. Thankfully, Mayor Emanuel has publicly stated his expectation of the Commissioner to deal with these allegations. The Fire Prevention Bureau provides critical reports and hazard warnings for the buildings first responders are often rushing into. Their work is essential to the safety of rank-and-file firefighters specifically and to the public-at-large, and requires expert training in fire science. The IGO’s recommendation to “fold” this Bureau into the Building Department is a flagrant disregard for public safety. Furthermore, by covertly publicizing this report and recommendation, the Inspector General’s Office has effectively poured gasoline onto a fire. Hopefully these new flames will not jeopardize the abilities of the Fire Prevention Bureau in consistently and continuously executing their obligations to the fire safety of our city.

The entire letter can be found HERE.

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Fire industry recalls

Firegeezer posted an entry listing several fire apparatus industry related vehicle recalls HERE involving Ford, Kenworth, Pierce, and Sutphen. The contributor, Sam Yardumian, states that …

The most recent recalls, which just arrived on my desk today include several that may be of interest to us.  These are taken from a TMC publication called “Maintenance Matters” which comes out monthly. Most of them are from NHTSA, so not all of them are new.

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CFD staffing reduction proposal cut down

Firegeezer has a posting HERE about a proposal by the Chicago Inspector General to reduce CFD company staffing.

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Fire Museum of Greater Chicago

Another post on Firegeezer scoops us HERE with an announcement of an upcoming program

… in honor of those who were lost that dark day 100 years ago on the morning of December 22, 1910, at the Nelson Morris cold storage warehouse in the Union Stock Yards, the Fire Museum of Greater Chicago will present an illustrated program chronicling the event at the Chicago Fire Academy on Saturday, October 16, 2010 @ 10:AM.

One might have thought that our own contributors on the board of the museum would have provided us with this information …

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CFD Ambulance 23 was hijacked yesterday

Firegeezer has an account HERE of the brief abduction yesterday of Chicago Ambulance 23 with the personnel and patient on-board.

Chicago Fire Department Ambulance 23

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Dave Statter on the recent Oak Brook issue

Click HERE to see a piece from Dave Statter addressing the recent Oak Brook citizen’s advisory board meeting introduced HERE and some similar thoughts expressed in the town of Xenia, OH which was introduced by HERE.

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Oak Brook FD

Firegeezer posted the following:

AFFI Brothers and Sisters, Illinois Fire Service members and the family of Hinsdale Deputy Chief Mark Johnson:

The members of IAFF Local 4646 are ashamed of the irresponsible behavior and comments made by officials and citizens at a recent Oak Brook Citizens Financial Advisory Committee meeting.

We are extremely grateful to all of you for your support. Some of you alerted the media, others created websites, and even more expressed their desire to attend Tuesday’s Oak Brook Board of Trustees meeting to express your outrage directly.

We would greatly appreciate it if you could delay attending a trustee meeting until our local finishes consulting with our executive board, Local 4646 membership, the AFFI and the IAFF on the proper course of action.

Thanks again brothers and sisters. We’ll keep you informed of further developments.


George Grodek, President
IAFF Local 4646


If you have not already seen the original Firegeezer article, it has an in depth look at the committee and those who spoke. Check it out HERE

The Firegeezer article has a link to a Daily Herald article about the library issue HERE involving the person who does all of the talking on the FD issue. Note in that article how the city needs to provide police and firefighters and building inspectors as a primary obligation.

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Spartan sells Road Rescue posted an article this afternoon which can be viewed HERE stating that Spartan Motors has sold Road Rescue effective immediately.

Road Rescue Ambulance Changes Owners

SPARTAN MOTORS INC. ANNOUNCED Monday that they have sold their Road Rescue ambulance business to a subsidiary of Allied Specialty Vehicles Inc. for $8 million.  The sale was effective immeditely upon the announcement and it removes Spartan from the ambulance business entirely.

“We can now look forward to what the future holds for Spartan Motors as we focus on Emergency Response and leverage the strengths of our two great brands, Crimson Fire and Spartan Chassis,” Spartan CEO John Sztykiel said in a statement.

Automotive World reports:

The company originally announced a realignment of its business in June in order to focus its resources on the highest growth and profit opportunities. It had planned to exit its underperforming Road Rescue ambulance operation by the end of 2010.  The transaction includes substantially all of Road Rescue’s assets, including the trade names and intellectual property associated with the business which is located wholly in Marion, South Carolina.

Sztykiel further stated:  “With this sale, we are delivering on the commitments we made when we announced our exit from the Road Rescue business … We can now look forward to what the future holds for Spartan Motors as we focus on Emergency Response and leverage the strengths of our two great brands, Crimson Fire and Spartan Chassis.  Over the last 12 months, Spartan has evolved, as has the Emergency Response market, and the Road Rescue operation is not large enough to justify the resource commitment when we have greater potential elsewhere. Road Rescue partnered with another ambulance company, where there is additional scale and product breadth, would be a real asset.”

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Suspects in fatal Cicero fire appear in court

On Valentine’s Day, an intentionally set fire resulted in the deaths of seven people in Cicero. The men charged with the crime appeared in court yesterday., a fire service blog, has the details HERE and the Chicago Tribune has an article HERE.

A gallery of images from the fire can be seen HERE.

fatal fire in Cicero IL

Fire vents through the roof of the coach house. Photo by Larry Shapiro

Berwyn IL Spartan Crimson Engine

Berwyn's new Spartan Crimson supplies water at the scene. Photo by Larry Shapiro

Cicero IL EONE Tower Ladder

Cicero truck 1 in front of the fire building. Photo by Larry Shapiro

Stickney FPD Spartan Crimson Engine

Stickney's new Spartan Crimson pumps at the scene. Photo by Larry Shapiro

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