The new Quint 28 in Winnetka is expected to go into service in two weeks. This 2010 unit has a Smeal Sirius cab and chassis¬†(Spartan cab and chassis branded specifically for Smeal) with a 2000-GPM pump and a 350-gallon water tank. ¬†It has a Smeal, 75′ steel ladder. Ground ladders are nested inside the body and are accessed from the rear of the unit as is Smeal’s EHL (Ergonomic Hose Load) system. The hose bed slides out for easy loading of the LDH while firefighters stand on the ground. This is the first unit in Winnetka that has air conditioning.

Winnetka Fire Department 2010 Smeal quint

Winnetka Quint 28 shown with the new black over red color scheme. The equipment mounting is not yet complete and the cab is missing decals and numbering. This unit will sport a brand new decal for Winnetka when it goes into service. Larry Shapiro photo

Truck 28, the 1990 Pierce Arrow 75′ rear mount has been sold and will leave as soon as the new quint is in service.

** When this post was originally published, it said that the water tank was 600 gallons. Karl Klotz sent in corrected information that the tank actually holds 350 gallons.

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