Excerpts from the Herald-Review.com:

On Monday, the doors of Fire Station 3, the oldest working station in Decatur, were closed as firefighters and their equipment were moved around the corner to the new Fire Station 6 in Fairview Plaza.

The building is nearly 100 years old, with additions being made throughout the years. The station was built in 1927, originally labeled Station 6. It was a mirror-image of another station on the corner of Clay and 22nd streets, which closed years ago. The day room, kitchen and training room were in one small room on the main level with a dorm room for sleeping located in the upstairs area.

The new station has modern facilities, with individual rooms for firefighters and more space for equipment and living areas.

For Deputy Chief Jim Ohl, the move is bittersweet. He spent more than 18 years of his career at the old station working with the same group of firefighters for nearly 10 years. 

Plans for another new building, Station 7, are in the works at Chestnut and 36th streets. The fate of the old Station 3 is unknown at this time.