From the Berwyn Firefighters Local 506 Facebook page:

In an earlier post this month, we mentioned that we had some big news to announce. Well, here it is! All of our front line engines are upgrading to Advanced Life Support (ALS) capabilities starting January 1st, 2020.

So, what does this mean for you, the citizens of Berwyn? Pictured below is our Zoll cardiac monitor that has been placed on all of our engines. It can identify heart attacks, called STEMIs, which paramedics can help treat in the field. It can identify fatal heart rhythms, and can potentially shock the heart back into a normal, stable rhythm. Additionally, it can obtain sets of vitals & help us monitor a patient’s well being. Along with this equipment, we will now be carrying life saving medications to treat these conditions.

With our engines adding ALS equipment, we can now provide advanced emergency care for our patients prior to the arrival of an incoming ambulance.

Berwyn FD adding A:S engines

Berwyn Firefighters Local 506 photo