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New area apparatus orders

Several fire departments in the area have placed orders for new apparatus.

From Marion:

  • Elk Grove Township – rescue pumper; Spartan Metro Star chassis with a 10-inch raised roof, extrication reels in the front bumper, a 1,500-GPM pump, 750 gallons of water and 50 gallons of foam (due February 2012)

From Pierce:

  • Bristol-Kendal FPD – Contender engine on a Saber chassis
  • Chicago Ridge – Saber engine
  • Evanston –  Arrow XT 100′ TDA
  • Homewood – Arrow XT 105′ rear mount aerial ladder
  • Lincolnshire Riverwoods FPD – Arrow XT 105′ rear mount aerial ladder quint
  • Lincolnwood – Arrow XT 100′ rear mount platform aerial
  • West Chicago FPD – Impel engine

Thanks to Bill Friedrich for updating this information.

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New truck for Lincolnshire-Riverwoods

The Lincolnshire-Riverwoods FPD in MABAS Division 4 is ordering a new aerial to replace Truck 53, a 1996 Seagrave 100′ single axle rear mount with a 1.500-GPM pump and 500-gallon tank.

Lincolnshire-Riverwoods FPD Seagrave rear mount aerial

The new truck will be a 105′, Pierce rear mount aerial ladder, with a 1,500-GPM pump, and 500-gallon water tank, on an Arrow XT chassis with seating for six. Unlike the Seagrave, the new unit will feature a tandem rear axle. There is a possibility that the new truck will have a black roof with a gray ladder, otherwise it will have a white roof and white ladder similar to the Seagrave.

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Chicago apparatus on-scene

Oak Park firefighter Dan McInerney submitted several recent images of CFD apparatus at two different incidents.

  • The first images show T29 and E113 at a still alarm at 5148 W. Madison on 11/4/10. The fire was in the grease chute of a one story 75×35 restaurant. One line off E113 was used.
Chicago Fire Department truck 29

Firefighters guide Truck 29's main to the roof at 5148 W. Madison Street yesterday. Dan McInerney photo

Chicago Fire Department engine 113

One line was used off of Engine 113 for a grease fire at this restaurant yesterday. Dan McInerney photo

Chicago Fire Department ruck 29

Truck 29 operates with a 2002 Pierce Dash 100' rear mount aerial with shop #E303. Dan McInerney photo

Chicago Fire Department Truck 29

The medium duty Pierce aerials which are in Chicago's fleet require only one set of outriggers. The tip load is rated at 500 pounds. Aerials with heavier tip load capacities require additional jacks. Dan McInerney photo

  • The next images are of CFD T28 at a still at 2015 N. Elston. Fire was in a rooftop ventilation unit of a large factory complex. Two lines off E30 were used.
Chicago Fire Department truck 28

CFD Truck 28 is deployed to the roof of an industrial building at 2015 N. Elston Avenue. An interesting note about the CFD E-ONE aerials for historians or those interested in trivia is that for each of the nine units made in 2000, the three-digit shop id# (E287 for Truck 28) is the same as the last three digits of the E-ONE shop order number (so121287 for Truck 28). Dan McInerney photo

Chicago Fire Department Truck 28

Chicago Truck 28 runs with one of nine E-ONE Hurricane 100' rear mount aerials that were delivered in 2000. Unlike the Pierce units, these operate with two sets of jacks. These rigs and ladders are made of aluminum. Dan McInerney photo

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