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New engines for Milwaukee

From the Fire Service, Inc. Facebook page:; #EONE; #MilwaukeeFD; #FireTruck;

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Christmas eve fires from previous years

2-11 Alarm fire in Chicago, 12-24-22

House fire in Milwaukee, 12-24-21

Fatal fire in Elgin, 12-24-20

Working fire in Chicago 12-24-19

Working fire in Chicago, 12-24-17

Chicago Heights Box Alarm 12-24-10

4-11 Alarm fire in Chicago, 12-24-94


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2023 Milwaukee Muster/Expo

This fro Crabby Milton:

Good Morning. Here is my slide show of the event. In spite of the much smaller space compared to years ago, everybody had a great time. While it’s sad that this building is no longer an active MFD station, at least it’s being put to good use by the Milwaukee Fire Bell Club. The last few shots were unexpected. I was leaving and communications command post was pulling up so I turned around and came back.

There’s no sound on the video but please enjoy.

This is the first year it was held at the old Engine 25 station. This station was built in 1983 and unfortunately closed in 2017. The Milwaukee Fire Bell Club now occupies it. So it is being put to good use.


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3-Alarm fire in Milwaukee, 5-31-23

From Jimmy Bolf:; #JimmyBolf; #MilwaukeeFD;

Jimmy Bolf photo; #JimmyBolf; #MilwaukeeFD;

Jimmy Bolf photo; #JimmyBolf; #MilwaukeeFD;

Jimmy Bolf photo; #JimmyBolf; #MilwaukeeFD; #FireTruck;

Jimmy Bolf photo; #JimmyBolf; #MilwaukeeFD; #FireTruck;

Jimmy Bolf photo; #JimmyBolf; #MilwaukeeFD; #FireTruck;

Jimmy Bolf photo

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Wauwtosa Fire Department news; #WauwatosaFD; #SharedServices;

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see also Milwaukee Fire Department news

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Milwaukee Fire Department news

Excerpts from

The Milwaukee Fire Department held a ribbon-cutting ceremony Monday morning, commemorating its recommissioning of Engine Company 28, and reopening of Fire Station 28 located at 424 North 30th St. in Milwaukee.

The recommissioning is part of a pilot program made possible because of the Shared Services Program, which now includes all 14 fire departments throughout Milwaukee County.

Fire officials said reopening the station will improve responses to fire and emergency medical services requests.

A Wauwatosa fire engine will be repositioned to the Milwaukee fire station, which is a mutually beneficial move for both cities. It allows the MFD to have a fire engine in a previously shuttered station.

In exchange, Wauwatosa will be able to work out of Milwaukee’s Fire Station 35 at 64th and Fairview.

The fire department said taxpayer dollars will remain the same despite the resource shake-up.

The Milwaukee Fire Department said this is the first additional engine and station added to the department’s resources since 1956.

This partnership is a temporary pilot project. If there is a substantial shake-up in the fire system or budget, Wauwatosa will get its engine back.

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New ambulances in Milwaukee


Tour the latest custom emergency vehicle built for Milwaukee Fire Department!

This custom 14-ft Type I EMS vehicle is mounted on a new International CV 515 diesel chassis and features an Onan 5.5kW generator and a LiquidSpring suspension system. Features include our door-forward design, 6pt harnesses, the Ferno iNLINE cot fastening system, and antimicrobial grab bars.; #IHC; #ambulance; #MilwaukeeFD; #Frazerbilt;

Frazer Ambulance photo; #IHC; #ambulance; #MilwaukeeFD; #Frazerbilt;

Frazer Ambulance photo; #IHC; #ambulance; #MilwaukeeFD; #Frazerbilt;

Frazer Ambulance photo; #IHC; #ambulance; #MilwaukeeFD; #Frazerbilt;

Frazer Ambulance photo

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Milwaukee Fire Department news

Excerpts from

Milwaukee firefighters responded to Milwaukee’s long-vacant Northridge Mall Wednesday, Aug. 10 for the fourth fire in just over three weeks. It was upgraded to a second alarm due to the size and decrepit condition of the building. When firefighters arrived, smoke was pouring from the old food court area.

A similar incident happened back on July 19. That fire was arson, and damage was estimated at approximately $200,000. Firefighters reported it was one of the hottest fires they’ve ever fought. There were additional fires July 16 and July 24. On the 16th, crews responded to a rubbish fire. On the 24th, someone yet again gained access to the unsecured building.

Every one of these incidents is an enormous drag on resources, and firefighters’ lives are in danger as firefighters risk losing oxygen and not coming out alive. 

Since there’s no electric or gas in the building, the only way the fire could have started was by someone setting it. 

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2-Alarm fire n Milwaukee, WI 6-17-22

This from Asher Heimermann:

Firefighters battled a 2-alarm house fire early Friday morning at Port Washington Road & Vienna Avenue in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Due to the volume of fire and potential for spread, a second alarm was pulled and firefighters set up a defensive operation. No injuries were reported.


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Fire Service News in Wisconsin

This from Asher Heimermann:

In Milwaukee, I noticed some apparatus turning off their engines when arriving on scene. This was not the case last month.

Just north of Milwaukee, North Shore Fire-Rescue burned through nearly 60% of their $100,000 gas budget for the year.
Excerpts from

At the Milwaukee Fire Department, their 55- to 65-gallon fire engines get less than 4 miles per gallon. They’re like most departments using diesel fuel for their rigs. Diesel costs significantly more than regular gas. Last month alone, their engines, trucks, and ambulances racked up 2,900 miles on the road.

At North Shore Fire Rescue, they too are spending double in fuel costs. They’ve already burned through nearly 60% of their $100,000 gas budget for the year.

Waukesha also is over budget, having spent $200,000 more this year compared to last year to fuel all city vehicles.

For Bell Ambulance, gas is even more expensive. While municipalities buy their diesel fuel in bulk and aren’t subject to taxes, Bell Ambulance pays full price and they’re having paramedics turn the ambulances off when they arrive at a scene, so they aren’t idling. Waukesha said it’s having city workers like inspectors, travel together to save fuel. North Shore Rescue said it’s consolidating where they train their crews.

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