Excerpts from fox6now.com:

Milwaukee firefighters responded to Milwaukee’s long-vacant Northridge Mall Wednesday, Aug. 10 for the fourth fire in just over three weeks. It was upgraded to a second alarm due to the size and decrepit condition of the building. When firefighters arrived, smoke was pouring from the old food court area.

A similar incident happened back on July 19. That fire was arson, and damage was estimated at approximately $200,000. Firefighters reported it was one of the hottest fires they’ve ever fought. There were additional fires July 16 and July 24. On the 16th, crews responded to a rubbish fire. On the 24th, someone yet again gained access to the unsecured building.

Every one of these incidents is an enormous drag on resources, and firefighters’ lives are in danger as firefighters risk losing oxygen and not coming out alive. 

Since there’s no electric or gas in the building, the only way the fire could have started was by someone setting it. 

thanks Martin