This from Asher Heimermann:

In Milwaukee, I noticed some apparatus turning off their engines when arriving on scene. This was not the case last month.

Just north of Milwaukee, North Shore Fire-Rescue burned through nearly 60% of their $100,000 gas budget for the year.
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At the Milwaukee Fire Department, their 55- to 65-gallon fire engines get less than 4 miles per gallon. They’re like most departments using diesel fuel for their rigs. Diesel costs significantly more than regular gas. Last month alone, their engines, trucks, and ambulances racked up 2,900 miles on the road.

At North Shore Fire Rescue, they too are spending double in fuel costs. They’ve already burned through nearly 60% of their $100,000 gas budget for the year.

Waukesha also is over budget, having spent $200,000 more this year compared to last year to fuel all city vehicles.

For Bell Ambulance, gas is even more expensive. While municipalities buy their diesel fuel in bulk and aren’t subject to taxes, Bell Ambulance pays full price and they’re having paramedics turn the ambulances off when they arrive at a scene, so they aren’t idling. Waukesha said it’s having city workers like inspectors, travel together to save fuel. North Shore Rescue said it’s consolidating where they train their crews.

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