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House fire in Bartlett, 3-2-23

From the Bartlett Fire District:

Early this morning (3/2/23) we were called to a structure fire in the 29W200 Block of Old Lake Street in Bartlett. The fire was declared under control by 1:45. We are happy to report that no firefighters or civilians were injured during the incident and that we were able to save many pets from the home.
Please- Always remember to check that your smoke detectors are in working order.; #BartlettFD; #housefire; #aftermath;

Bartlett FD photo; #BartlettFD; #housefire; #aftermath;

Bartlett FD photo; #BartlettFD; #housefire; #aftermath;

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A request for patches

This from Kevin Chapman:

I’m creating a patch wall display at our headquarters station and I’m looking for donations to display. I’m looking for Fire Department/District patches, Company patches, Union patches, Pipe and Drum patches, etc. for the display I’m working on. I’ll put the address below. Thanks brothers and sisters!

Bartlett Fire District

c/o FF/PM Kevin Chapman

Station 1

234 N. Oak Ave.

Bartlett, IL 60103


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Bartlett FPD update

This from Tyler Tobolt:

Bartlett Fire Dept. Battalion 3 Which is Stationed at Station 3. In your photos you have a picture of it saying Battalion 1, its now Battalion 3

Bartlett Fire Protection District

Bartlett Battalion 3. Tyler Tobolt photo

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Fox River & Countryside Fire/Rescue updated

Bill Friedrich submitted images of the Fox River & Countryside Fire Rescue District apparatus that has been missing from the site. Included are the shift commander buggy, two utilities, and the long awaited 1993 X-Bartlett Seagrave with the new paint job. (it’s third life-time color scheme)

Fox River and Countryside Fire Rescue District Seagrave Engine 1821

Engine 1821 is the front-line engine out of Station 3. Bill Friedrich photo

Bartlett Fire District 1993 Seagrave engine

1993 Seagrave engine as painted for the Bartlett Fire District prior to being sold to the Fox River and Countryside Fire Rescue District. Larry Shapiro photo

Bartlett Fire District Engine 662

When the Seagrave was repainted black over red to reflect a changeover in the apparatus fleet, it was in service as Engine 662. The new lettering no longer included "Countryside" as part of the district's name. Larry Shapiro photo

Bartlett Fire Protection District Engine 612 Seagrave

The Seagrave was originally Engine 612 when it was delivered in 1993. At that time, the entire Bartlett fleet was painted yellow and the lettering displayed Bartlett & Countryside Fire protection District. Larry Shapiro collection

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Train Derailment near Elgin

Scene photo from Tim Olk at 2PM

Canadian National train derailment

The Class 3 ARFF from the West Chicago at the DuPage County Airport is working at the scene. Tim Olk photo


Scene photo from Tim Olk at 1PM

Canadian national train derailment

Firefighters advance a hand line towards the still burning tank cars. Tim Olk photo

The Chicago Tribune reports:

Metra says service on its Milwaukee West Line may not be back to normal until Friday, at the earliest, because of a fiery freight train derailment near Elgin.

All trains have been blocked on the line since at least 12 cars of a Canadian National train derailed at about 5:30 a.m. today in an industrial area at 31 West 504 Spaulding near Elgin and Bartlett. Three of the cars caught fire, but there were no injuries and no evacuations.

Officials said the train was carrying three chemicals — sodium hydroxide, ferrous sulfate and organic acid — but they were not on the cars that caught fire. Bartlett police said two of the burning cars carried fiberboard and scrap metal and the third was empty.

Canadian National Train Derailment

A camera phone photo from Tim Olk shows fire continuing to burn in at least one car.

Canadian National Train Derailment

Two tower ladders are working at the train derailment. Tim Olk photo

The Chicago Sun-Times has a report with video HERE

Radioman911 submitted this summary

2011/11/03 Bartlett (Elgin FD) Freight Train Derailment w/ Fire and HazMat. 3 non-hazmat cars involved in fire. Chemicals involved in the derailment included ferrous sulfate, organic acid, and sodium hydroxide solution. Derailment site was in an industrial area near W. Bartlett Rd. w/ of Rt. 59.

He also has links to the radio traffic

Watch live video from Radioman 911 on

Watch live video from Radioman 911 on

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Bartlett hoists Patriot Flag

The Patriot Flag made another stop in our area. This time it was in Bartlett where the fire department raised the flag. The Daily Herald has an article about the event which includes:

The Patriot Flag flew high Thursday in Bartlett as veterans, police officers, boy scouts and residents from all over the suburbs gathered at Apple Orchard Park to honor the armed forces and first responders to the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Bartlett was just the latest stop for the Patriot Flag — a 56-foot long, 75-pound American flag — as it tours all 50 states in 50 weeks on its way to New York City on Sept. 11 for the 10th anniversary of 9/11.

The complete article can be found HERE.

The flag made a stop in Skokie last month.

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Fox River & Countryside Fire Rescue District update

Scott Peterson has supplied quite a bit of information about the new Fox River & Countryside Fire Rescue District.

– the Lakewood Pierce (X-1042, X-Arlington Heights Eng 4) is now officially a reserve for the district. They got it last week.

– the Bartlett Seagrave is being repainted, started last week. It will be the same as the new engines.

– one of the cars is from Lakewood, the former D/C car.
– they’ll be on the North Tower of Kane County with Pingree Grove & Hampshire.
– all of the apparatus was delivered yesterday and is in storage.
Here is a list from one of the district’s press releases.
Alexis 2011 IHC 2-door cab

Custom Tanker/Pumper  (N)

Alexis 2011 IHC 4-door cab

commercial pumper (N)

Alexis 1991

Custom Commercial Pumper (U)

Seagrave 1993 (X-Bartlett)

Custom Commercial Pumper (U?R)

Alexis 1998

Pumper (U?R)

Pierce 1990 (X-Lakewood, X-Arlington Heights)

Arrow Pumper (U?R)

Alexis 2011 IHC 2-door cab

Custom Tanker?Pumper (N)

Medtec PD168 2011

Ford E?450 Ambulance (N)

Medtec PD172 2011

Ford F?450 Ambulance (N)

Medtec 2001

Ford E?350 Ambulance (U?R)

Alexis 1995

12′ Squad Unit, Ford F450 (U)

Ford F350 XLT 2011

4X4 Crew Cab w/plow (N)

Ford F350 XLT 2011

Same as above (N)

Chevrolet 2003 Impala

4-door car (U)

Chevrolet 2006 Impala

4-door car (U)

Ford 2011

Expedition 4×4 (N)

Ford 2011

Expedition 4×4 (N)

Boat & Trailer (U)

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website updated photos

Bill Friedrich submitted photos of apparatus that has been missing from Bartlett and Oakbrook Terrace.

– Oakbrook Terrace Truck 317 is now featured on their page although it is shown as T306

– Bartlett Battalion 1 and Medic 1 have now been added to the site

Oakbrook Terrace Fire District Truck 317 E-ONE tower ladder

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Fox River & Countryside Fire Rescue District update

The Fox River & Countryside Fire Rescue District is building a new fire department from the ground up. As such, they are buying new apparatus to fill their two new stations. Bill Friedrich has submitted the following information that he received about the new rigs that are on order to get this department up and running.

They have ordered one pumper from Alexis on International crew cab chassis, which will have a 1,250-GPM pump and 1,000 gallons of water tank. Also on order are two tankers featuring International chassis with standard two-door cabs that will have 1,000-GPM pumps and 2,000-gallon tanks. The new apparatus fleet will be all white.

On the Alexis website, there are in-progress images of the units being built which can be viewed HERE. The images are labeled ‘FoxRiv’.

Two Medtec ambulances are also on order; a Type I on a F-450 chassis and a Type III on an E-350 chassis.

Bartlett Fire District Seagrave Engine - Fox River & Countryside Fire Rescue District

This decommissioned 1993, Seagrave engine from Bartlett carrying serial number 78589, was purchased by the Fox River & Countryside Fire Rescue District. It has a 1,000-GPM pump and carries 750 gallons of water. Larry Shapiro photo

The fire district has purchased a used 1993 Seagrave engine from Bartlett. This is currently black over red and will reportedly be repainted white.  They have also purchased a small used squad on a Ford chassis which is being refurbished by Alexis. The squad body on the Alexis site is all diamond plate.

Lakewood Fire Department Engine 1042 X-Arlinton Heights Fire Department

Engine 1042 from the Lakewood Fire Department, (X-Arlington Heights Fire Department), which is owned by American Emergency Services, might become part of the Fox River & Countryside Fire Rescue District. Larry Shapiro photo

There is a possibility that E-1042 (X-Arlington Heights Pierce) from Lakewood might become part of the new fleet as well.


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South Elgin 2nd Alarm 1-20-11

South Elgin had a house fire on Thursday at 10N917 Gale Street in Elgin Township (Kane County). The fire was apparently blamed on a bird’s nest which ignited and sent fire into the attic of the home. It was a 15-degree day that felt like 5 degrees with the wind.

Scott Peterson submitted several shots from the scene after the fire was brought under control.

South Elgin Fire Department house fire Jan 20, 2011

A view from the front of the one-story house at 10N917 Gayle Street in unincorporated Kane County.  Scott Peterson photo

South Elgin Fire Department house fire Jan 20, 2011

Firefighters work on the roof of the house after the fire was knocked down. Multiple attics required several vent holes. Scott Peterson photo

South Elgin Fire Department house fire Jan 20, 2011

This shot from the rear shows the extent of the attic fire. Scott Peterson photo

From The Courier-News:

According to preliminary reports, firefighters were called to the home just after 9:30 a.m. by the home’s two occupants. Firefighters found fire in a wall and a deep-seated fire in the attic, with flames coming out of windows on both sides of the structure. Reports stated that the home actually had multiple attic units as a result of remodeling projects and the fire had spread among them.

The Courier-News has an article about the fire HERE.

Departments that responded to provide mutual aid included Elgin, Pingree Grove, Elburn, Bartlett, Hanover Park, and West Dundee.

South Elgin Fire Department house fire Jan 20, 2011 Crimson tower

South Elgin’s new Spartan/Crimson mid-mount tower ladder staged at the fire. Scott Peterson photo

South Elgin Fire Department house fire Jan 20, 2011 Elburn Fire District

Elburn Tender 307, a 3000-gallon pumper/tanker built by Alexis on a 1988 Peterbilt chassis was also on the scene. Scott Peterson photo

South Elgin Fire Department house fire Jan 20, 2011 Elgin engine

Elgin Engine 4 was on a hydrant down the street from the fire. Scott Peterson photo

South Elgin Fire Department house fire Jan 20, 2011 Pingree Grove Fire District

Pingree Grove responded to the fire with this tandem-axle pumper/tanker on a Spartan Gladiator chassis. Scott Peterson photo

South Elgin Fire Department house fire Jan 20, 2011

South Elgin had two engines, a tower, and a tanker on the scene. Here is Engine 1, a Spartan/Crimson parked down the street. Scott Peterson photo

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