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Fire service news … Make-A-Wish Foundation

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El Dorado County’s fire district (CA)  just swore in its youngest firefighter. He’s so little, they had to special order his uniform. He’s a little guy, but I bet you won’t underestimate him when you see what he’s overcome.

With a big smile and beaming eyes, Magnum’s mom Tashina calls him a rough and tumble “joy boy.” You’d never know this joy boy spent four of his five years battling a rare bone marrow disorder.

Doctors diagnosed Magnum shortly after his first birthday. It would lead to 21 blood transfusions and then 21 platelet transfusions during a bone marrow transplant.

Through it all, there was one thing that always brought a smile: fire engines. Magnum calls them “woo-woos.” He even told his mom he wanted to be a woo-woo when he grows up.

The first time we met Magnum, the Make-A-Wish Foundation couldn’t turn him into a fire engine, but they promised the next best thing. He got to ride in one as a real-life firefighter with the El Dorado County Fire Protection District.

“It strikes at the core of who we are as firefighters and why we’re here,” said Fire Chief Tim Cordero. “I mean, this is at the ground level. This is why we do what we do.”

It strikes at the core of being a firefighter and a parent.

Magnum said he wants to be a firefighter because “they help people, they save people.”

Magnum is officially on the road to recovery. He just wrapped up his last monthly blood draw.

What made his wish even more special is that it was the Make-A-Wish Foundation’s Northeastern & Central California and Northern Nevada chapter’s 10,000th wish, while the chapter celebrates 40 years.

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As seen around … The Roberts Park FPD

This from Martin Nowak:

2009 Seagrave Marauder II 1500/750, purchased in 2021.; #FireTruck; #MartinNowak; #RobertsParkFPD; #Seagrave;

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Fire service news … non-emergency calls at assisted living facilities

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One Central Illinois fire department is considering the implementation of fees for one of its services.

The Village of Savoy is set to vote on a new ordinance that would specifically affect non-emergency calls at assisted living facilities within the village. The non-emergency service would primarily be lift assistance. The Savoy Fire Department has already responded to over 100 of these non-emergency calls this year — a number they hope to limit in 2024.

Several reasons prompted this decision, including being short-staffed on equipment, and to reduce pressure on firefighters, the village is advocating for these fees. If passed, this ordinance would align Savoy with other fire departments in the area, like Champaign and Rantoul, which charge $300 to $400 for lift assist calls.

Unlike career departments, Savoy utilizes a paid-call system for firefighters, many of whom have full-time careers. 

The ordinance will be officially voted on by the village board Wednesday night.


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