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New engine for the Bensenville FPD (more)

This from Don Tessler:

Bensenville Fire District new 2023 E-One Engine 1500 GPM pump and 750 tank; #BensenvilleFPD; #FireTruck; #EONE; #EONEStrength

Fire Service Inc. photo; #BensenvilleFPD; #FireTruck; #EONE; #EONEStrength

Fire Service Inc. photo; #BensenvilleFPD; #FireTruck; #EONE; #EONEStrength

Fire Service Inc. photo 8

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Gas explosion in Woodstock 10-9-23; #gasexplosion; #housefire; #WoodstockIL; #WoodstockFire/RescueDistrict;

Woodstock Fire / Rescue District

Excerpts from

Cleanup is underway Tuesday, after a natural gas leak led to a house explosion in Woodstock. It’s not clear what can be salvaged in all of the debris.

Woodstock fire officials said the incident started with a call around 12:30 p.m. Monday about a 2-inch gas main that had been struck by a crew inside a sewer line in the area of Tryon Street and Lincoln Avenue.

There was an explosion about two hours later as Nicor and firefighters were on the scene.

The blast leveled one home and damaged at least 10 buildings, including a church and a school. At least 11 people who have been displaced.

Two firefighters were taken to the hospital with minor injuries, but no one was seriously hurt.; #gasexplosion; #housefire; #WoodstockIL; #WoodstockFire/RescueDistrict; #firefighters; #flames;

Woodstock Fire / Rescue District

From Woodstock Fire/Rescue District on Facebook:

Early Tuesday afternoon, pedestrian traffic had been reopened to both Tryon Street and Lincoln Street. Broken glass may still be in the area and residents are asked to keep dogs and young children away. Firefighters worked throughout the night extinguishing residual hot spots and hidden fires prior to leaving shortly before 12:00PM. Members from the Woodstock Fire/Rescue District spent nearly 24 continuous hours on the scene.
Investigators from the Woodstock Fire/Rescue District and the Woodstock Police Department met early Tuesday morning and began documenting all the structures impacted by the blast. Including the origin home, a total of 20 structures sustained varying amounts of damage. Two homes and a detached garage are considered a complete loss, with two additional homes structurally uninhabitable.
A total of 22 individuals have been displaced with many seeking assistance from the American Red Cross. Two family dogs remain in critical condition at a local veterinary clinic. The Fire District has not been able to confirm if any other pets are missing or perished. At this time, we are told many residences remain without power and electric utilities. Both ComEd and Nicor are working to restore services to the area.
The cause of the explosion remains under investigation by the Woodstock Fire/Rescue District, the Woodstock Police Department, and Nicor Gas Company.; #gasexplosion; #housefire; #WoodstockIL; #WoodstockFire/RescueDistrict; #firefighters; #flames;

Woodstock Fire / Rescue District; #gasexplosion; #housefire; #WoodstockIL; #WoodstockFire/RescueDistrict; #flames;

Woodstock Fire / Rescue District; #gasexplosion; #housefire; #WoodstockIL; #WoodstockFire/RescueDistrict; #flames;

Woodstock Fire / Rescue District

On October 9, 2023, at 12:35PM, the Woodstock Fire/Rescue District responded to the area of N. Tryon Street and Lincoln Street for the smell of natural gas in the area. Firefighters arrived a short time later and determined a contract crew working in the area had struck a 2-inch gas main inside a sewer line. Nicor arrived approximately 30 minutes later and began assessing the damage. As a precaution, firefighters evacuated a nearby church and advised homeowners to shelter in place until Nicor could mitigate the leak.
At 2:38PM, while firefighters were still on scene, a two-story home in the 200 block of Lincoln Ave exploded. The home was instantly leveled and fires were ignited in several adjacent structures.
A request through the Mutual Aid Box Alarm System (MABAS) was quickly made to the 2nd Level for resources to the scene and change-of-quarters companies. A short time later, the incident commander requested the alarm to be upgraded to the 4th level bringing a total of 20 fire agencies to the scene with several others covering our stations.
Fortunately, no major injuries have been reported. All occupants from the homes have been accounted for at this time. Two firefighters were transported to local hospitals with minor injuries. All displaced residents are being assisted by the American Red Cross. Several surrounding residences are without power and gas services with restore time estimates undetermined.
While the damage is still being assessed at least 10 structures were damaged in the blast including a church and school. The cause of the explosion is being investigated by the Woodstock Fire/Rescue District, the Woodstock Police Department, and Nicor Gas Company.
We greatly appreciate the assistance from all the agencies who responded to the scene, those who covered our stations, and our dispatchers.; #gasexplosion; #housefire; #WoodstockIL; #WoodstockFire/RescueDistrict; #firefighters;

Woodstock Fire / Rescue District; #gasexplosion; #housefire; #WoodstockIL; #WoodstockFire/RescueDistrict; #FireTruck; #Pierce;

Woodstock Fire / Rescue District; #gasexplosion; #housefire; #WoodstockIL; #WoodstockFire/RescueDistrict; #firefighters;

Woodstock Fire / Rescue District

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Ambulance remount for South Holland


Type I Remount F550 ambulance sold to South Holland Fire Department 

Congratulations South Holland Fire Department on your recent Type 3 F550 ambulance remount!; #ambulance; #remount; #SouthHollandFD; #OsageAmbulance;; #ambulance; #remount; #SouthHollandFD; #OsageAmbulance;

thanks Martin

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