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New engine for Downers Grove

From the October 3rd, 2023 Downers Grove Village Council meeting


Report for the Village



Authorization for the Purchase of a Replacement Engine/Pumper

Scott Spinazola Fire Chief


A Resolution has been prepared to authorize the execution of an agreement with MacQueen Emergency for the purchase of a 2026 Pierce Impel Pumper Apparatus (Pierce Engine/Pumper) in the amount of $1,009,548.00 plus a $100,000.00 contingency for a total not to exceed amount of $1,109,548.00, and to authorize the disposal of the Villageā€™s current 2008 Pierce Engine/Pumper.


The goals for 2023-2025 include Steward of Financial, Environmental and Neighborhood Sustainability. FISCAL IMPACT

The final purchase price for the Pierce Engine/Pumper is $1,109,548.00, which includes a $100,000.00 contingency. The amount of this purchase will be included in the proposed FY26 budget, when it is anticipated the Village will take possession of and pay for the Pierce Engine/Pumper. The funding plan for the Equipment Replacement Fund anticipates this purchase in FY26.


Approval on the October 3, 2023 Consent Agenda.


The Village purchased its current Pierce Engine/Pumper in 2008. The pumper is an essential apparatus and serves multiple functions including but not limited to EMS responses, carry tools for fire suppression activities, pumping water from a stored tank or from a fire hydrant through the use of fire hose and/or relaying water to other fire apparatus. The pumper will be located at Station 105 at 6701 Main Street to optimize its response time. Once this engine is delivered the Village will dispose of the 2008 Pierce Engine/Pumper.

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Chicago Fire Department news

This from Josh Boyajian:

Ambulances 11, 12, 23, and 77 receiving new 2023 Ford E350 Wheeled Coach ambulances
Engines 22 & 75 receiving new 2023 E-One Cyclone pumpers
There are (3) additional E-One pumpers being outfitted and there is at least 1 rear-mount aerial being outfitted, with 4 additional aerials coming in the next few months.
There is at least 1 rear-mount tower ladder being finished at E-One in Florida.
Multiple new ambulances are being built and outfitted. Company numbers for those assignments is unknown at this time.

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Willow Springs Fire Department history

This from Mike Summa for #TBT:

For TBT-This was the former Willow Springs Dept.’s Engine 608, a Ford C/FMC Roughneck pumper.  Sorry, no specs.  Photo taken in the 1990’s at the Worth Days Parade.  Please feel free to comment.   Enjoy.
Mike Summa; #FireTruck; #vintage; #MikeSumma; #TBT; #FMC; #Roughneck; #WillowSpringsFD;

Mike Summa photo

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