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Layoffs may come to Matteson (more)

Excerpts from on the possibility of police and fire layoffs in Matteson:

In Matteson, residents packed the Village Hall to vent their frustrations.  The Village has warned police they may have to cut 13 officers, or half of its patrol staff. The fire department may have to eliminate eight firefighter paramedics, or about a quarter of its work force.

The layoffs could begin as soon as February 20th as a way to help deal with an $8 million budget shortfall the village of Matteson is facing this year. However, the concern at the meeting is why first responders are the first ones on the chopping block.  The cuts were not on the agenda at Monday’s meeting, but concerned residents joined an overflow crowd including a lot of firefighters and police who demanded cuts be made elsewhere.

The police and fire department unions were notified last week about the layoffs. They were the first departments put on notice. “Any further reductions could potentially do more harm than good. No layoffs are acceptable, none,” said Police Union President Robert Wilson. “For the first line of cuts to be fire and police goes against common sense,” said Firefighters Union President Scott Gilliam.

The village administrator said for police and fire to avoid layoffs, there will have to be salary negotiations. Residents were particularly concerned that the layoffs could cause police and fire response times to skyrocket, putting their safety in real danger.

Residents told the village board they should cut administration salaries first, and the Board President assured people that the entire budget was under review.

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MVA in Lansing with medical helicopter

This from Brad Steinweg:

Footage of UCAN taking off from Lansing’s MVA on I-80 1/26/15. Single vehicle rollover: occurred around 1100 hours, UCAN called around 1120.
UCAN medivac on the highway

Brad Steinweg photo

UCAN was called to Lansing to transport a patient involved in a rollover accident. Here, they are shown taking off for flight to Loyola.

Chicago working fire, January 7, 2015

This from Drew Gresik:

Since it’s been a pretty slow month in terms of significant working fires in the city, so I thought I’d share some images from a Working Fire at 1416 S Ridgeway that occurred on January 7th of this year, and a couple hours after a Still & Box about seven blocks away at 1514 S Kostner. Very cold that day. As always, check out my site for more images!
Drew Gresik
Chicago fire scene

Drew Gresik photo

Chicago fire scene

Drew Gresik photo

Chicago fire trucks at work

Drew Gresik photo

Chicago FD Engine 109

Drew Gresik photo

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