On December 6th of last year, The Chicago Fire Department issued an administrative order adding a new tool to the arsenal of the Special Operations Division. Rescue Vac Unit 5-2-4 was established as a new CFD asset. Assigned to the Special Operations facility at 39th and Honore, 5-2-4 is an X-Streets and Sanitation sewer vac truck that many may have seen displayed last summer for the International Fire Chief’s Association trade show at McCormick Place. It is on an LN Series Ford chassis and has been modified by Rescue Vac Systems, a local company that upgrades the equipment for emergency rescue operations.  5-2-4 will respond to city-wide trench rescue incidents and will be available for suburban trench rescues through the MABAS Box Alarm System.

Chicago Fire Department Rescue Vac 524 5-2-4 sewer vac

Chicago Rescue Vac Unit 5-2-4 shown here on display last August at the Fire Rescue International Trade Show at McCormick Place. Larry Shapiro photo

Chicago Fire Department Rescue Vac Unit 5-2-4

The Chicago Fire Department made modifications to this sewer vac truck that previously saw service with the Chicago Department of Streets and Sanitation. Larry Shapiro photo