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Coal City Station 2

The Coal City Fire Department, in MABAS Division 15, opened Station 2 in December of 2010. Although the department has not yet been added to this website, Steve Redick submitted several images of the new station.  Last July, Karl Klotz submitted a shot of the station under construction which can be seen HERE.

Coal City Fire Department Station 2

Coal City Fire Station 2 at 1455 S. Berta Road opened in December of 2010. Steve Redick photo

Steve created two panoramic images of the station’s interior showing the apparatus bays and vehicles.

Coal City Fire Department station 2

Interior of Coal City Fire Station 2 as seen from the back of the apparatus bays. Steve Redick photo


This photo shows the apparatus lined up in each bay. An engine, brush rig, two ambulances, a boat and the MABAS Division 15 haz mat unit. Steve Redick photo

The Herald-News (Sun Times) has an article from January 13th which can be seen HERE that describes the new facility and the memorial in front which includes two pieces of steel from the World Trade Center after the buildings were destroyed on 9/11.

Coal City Fire Department Station 2 9/11 steel beams World Trade Center stel

A memorial located in front of Coal City Fire Station 2 features I-beam sections from the World Trade Center on 9/11. Steve Redick photo

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More changes in Naperville

The Naperville Fire Department (MABAS Division 16) has made a fleet and manning change. The 1997 E-ONE Cyclone for Squad 8 has been taken out of service and stripped of its equipment. It’s current disposition is most likely to be sold. The Spartan/Crimson engine from Station 1 has been moved to Station 8 and will be the new Squad 8 with most of the vehicle extrication gear assigned to the squad. The balance of the squad’s equipment has been moved to the technical rescue truck (TRT) and the dive equipment is on the water rescue truck (WRT).

Naperville will be down one suppression company on the street. There will be no layoffs, but three vacant positions for FF/PM will not be filled

Thanks to Lieutenant Andy Hilk for updating us.

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