MABAS Divisions 19 and 22 will have a new joint divisional haz mat unit. The unit was purchased from the Braidwood Fire District, a 1983 Pierce Arrow 20-foot walk-in rescue unit. It is replacing a 1984 IHC/Hesse that had accumulated over 200,000 miles. This new unit will be housed with the Palos Fire District and will be assigned the number 6097. Haz mat 6907 will respond to incidents on the north side of the MABAS Division 19 and 22 area.

Mabas Division 19 and 22 haz mat unit Braidwood Pierce Arrow squad

The new haz mat unit to be shared between MABAS Divisions 19 and 22 is this former Braidwood Fire District C.A.R.T. tactical rescue squad. Karl Klotz photo

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