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Buffalo Grove updates

Buffalo Grove put their new Ferrara engine in service early this summer and the tower ladder went into service several weeks ago. This required some shuffling of apparatus among the stations and the site now reflects the moves.

Station 25 houses both the new Ferrara tower ladder 25 (235) and the reserve E-ONE tower ladder (236) along with an ambulance and Utility 26. The utility goes into service if daily manning is sufficient to staff the unit with two firefighters. The utility responds on ambulance calls to save wear and tear on the tower ladder and also responds on MVAs and fire calls as well.

Buffalo Grove Fire Department Ferrara Inferno tower ladder

Buffalo Grove Fire Department Ferrara Inferno tower ladder

Officer's side view of Buffalo Grove Tower Ladder 25 (235) as photographed by Bob Altwasser

Station 26 is where the new Ferrara engine (217) is located plus the reserve E-ONE engine (213). There is an in-service ambulance and a reserve ambulance, the squad, the battalion, the dive trailer, the new Polaris ATV, and several staff vehicles.

Buffalo Grove Fire Department Ferrara Igniter pumper

At Station 27 is the KME quint, the KME reserve engine (218), an ambulance, and a boat.

There is speculation that in the months to come, the tower ladder may move to Station 26 in the center of town. If this happens, then the KME quint would move to Station 25 and the new Ferrara engine would go to Station 27.

Thanks to Bob Altwasser for submitting a shot of the Ferrara tower ladder.

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Behind the Scenes… Exhibit Museums Un-Crated

The Aurora Fire Museum is having a program on Wednesday, October 20th entitled:

Behind the Scenes of the Exhibit Museums Un-Crated

click HERE to learn more about it.


Fund Raiser to Help a Firefighter Battle Cancer

This message comes from Tim Jones, Deputy Chief of the Prospect Heights Fire Department:

We write this note in the hopes that you can help us support one of our brothers. One of our firefighters has recently been diagnosed with cancer, something that is a challenge for any family. What makes this situation more serious, is that his son also has a serious ongoing medical condition that has advanced in the last month causing him to lose the vision in his left eye. His son’s condition has meant visits to MAYO clinic, specialists and countless doctors, all while he battles his own cancer.

Can you please post this flyer in as many places as possible? We hope to get the word out as we support our brother through this challenge.

Firefighter fundraiser

The flyer is downloadable for those who can post it it their department.

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Lake Forest is on the site

Lake Forest Fire Department patch

In Division 4, the Lake Forest Fire Department‘s two stations have been added to the site. The main station at 255 W. Deerpath Road is packed full of equipment including a buggy, two engines, three ambulances, a tower ladder, squad, utility, boat, and ATV. All but one ambulance has been posted.

Lake Forest Fire Department headquarters station 1

The headquarters station at 255 W. Deerpath also houses the police department and dispatch center. Photo by Larry Shapiro

The Lake Forest apparatus was painted all red until 1991 when they purchased four Pierce units which were painted with a white roof. As recently as 2007 they were still using the white over red color scheme when they received Engine 422, a Pierce Dash rescue pumper. In 2008, they took delivery of an IHC/Horton ambulance that was painted black over red. In addition to the new ambulance, the 1994 Pierce Saber was recently sent to Renewed Performance, Inc. (RPI) in Tipton, Indiana to have body work done and it is now black over red as well.

Lake Forest Fire Department Pierce Saber Engine 421

Station 2 on the west end of town was for many years in the old converted Everett School House on Everett Road near Waukegan Road (Rt 43). As the town grew and the area was rebuilt, the school house gave way in 1993 to a new, large firehouse with three drive-though bays, offices for the Fire Prevention Bureau, and classroom space. The new station was built within a block of the old station.

Lake Forest Fire Department Fire Station 2

Station 2 is at 1111 S. Telegraph Road, less than a block from the old Everett Road house. The second floor dormers on this large station are cosmetic only. There is no second floor. Photo by Larry Shapiro

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