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Wheeling dedicates new headquarters station

The Wheeling Fire Department formally dedicated their new headquarters Station 24 on Saturday. They held a brief ceremony with a formal ribbon cutting performed by the village president and Esther Koeppen. Esther’s late husband was Bernhardt Koeppen who was the first full-time fire chief for the Wheeling Fire Department in 1969. The event was attended by many community members, local politicians and family members of fire department personnel. Also among the attendees was the Koeppen family which includes Arlington Heights Deputy Chief Kenneth Koeppen.

Wheeling Fire Chief Keith MacIsaac

Wheeling Fire Chief Keith MacIsaac led the ceremonies. Larry Shapiro photo

Arlington Heights Deputy Fire Chief Ken Koeppen

Arlington Heights Deputy Chief Ken Koeppen attended the dedication which honored his late father. Larry Shapiro photo

Wheeling Fire Department station dedication toddler fire helmet

Firefighters were joined by their families to help dedicate the station. Larry Shapiro photo

Wheeling FIre Department station dedication ribbon cutting

Esther Koeppen and Wheeling Village President Judy Abruscato cut the ribbon formally opening the new fire department headquarters. Larry Shapiro photo

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Naperville reassignments …. requires a scorecard

Several months ago we posted the Naperville Fire Department to the site. Several photographers visited the department on separate occasions to document the new equipment and the placement of companies in each station. Several of the rigs had been moved and reassigned since they were photographed a year or so ago but everything was brought up-to-date for the posting with the help of Naperville Lt. Andy Hilk.

Well, we had received information that the Naperville FD was not yet done moving companies and that changes were coming. Bill Friedrich submitted the following information regarding reassignments throughout the stations.

  • Medic 9 is out of service
  • Medic 1 is now using the 2007 IHC/Medtec that was previously Medic 9
  • Squad 1 (1997 E-ONE) has moved back to Station 8 and is now Squad 8 … again
  • Engine 8’s 2008 Crimson rig is back at Station 1 as Engine 1
  • The 2009 Crimson quint from Truck 10 is now running as Truck 5
  • The 2005 E-ONE tower ladder which was Truck 5 is now a spare
  • The 1994 E-ONE tower ladder without a pump that was in reserve has now been decommissioned and will likely be sold
  • Engine 10 is now using a 2005 E-ONE Typhoon
  • The TRT trailer is moving to Station 10
Naperville Squad 8

Squad 8 when it was moved to Station 1 ... prior to being renumbered.

Naperville Engine 1

Engine 1 photographed when it was assigned to Station 1 ... before we had a photograph of it labeled as Engine 8

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