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Train derailment with fire in Northbrook (update)

At 5PM, the Chicago Tribune is reporting that:

A second body has been found in a car that was buried by debris and wreckage from a train derailment and bridge collapse near Northbrook, officials said.

Officials initially said no one was injured when the train hauling coal derailed on Union Pacific tracks near Willow Road and Shermer Avenue around 1:45 p.m. Wednesday.  But this morning, crews spotted the bumper of a car and dug around it with shovels, officials said.

Officials on the scene initially said one body was inside but were checking for other victims. Later, officials said a second body had been found in the car. Their identities have not been released, but officials said one of them is a man.

The car, with the bodies inside, was loaded onto a flatbed truck and taken to the Cook County medical examiner’s office.

The car was discovered at about 10 a.m., Globerger said. The crews had been working through the night since 5 p.m. Wednesday. “With 27 rail cars, full of coal, there was no way to get in to discover the car until this morning,” Glenview Fire Chief Wayne Globerger said. “Keep in mind, we’re talking tons (of debris), here.”

He said crews would continue looking for any other victims.

The entire article with a video can be found HERE.

Images from the scene can be found HERE.



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Three freight trains collide and derail in Northwest Indiana – update

The cleanup has begun at the site of the train collision and derailment in Northwest Indiana which occurred yesterday. Tim Olk visited the crash site today and submitted a few images of the scene.

train crash and derailment in Porter County IN

After clearing sections of track, heavy equipment moves in to clear the containers and cars from the crash site. Tim Olk photo

train crash and derailment in Porter County IN

The recovery company is utilizing a private farm to stage their equipment and the damaged rail cars prior to removal or demolition. Tim Olk photo

train crash and derailment in Porter County IN

A rail car behind an engine burns at the crash site as workers assemble to remove the debris and rebuild the track. Tim Olk photo

Tim has a large gallery HERE with more images.

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CTA Train vs car

Last weekend, Tim Olk was on the scene of a collision between a CTA Brown Line train and an SUV at 4600 N. Kedzie, in Chicago. Tim arrived in time to photograph the extrication. The driver of the car sustained serious injuries and the train derailed as a result of the collision.

CTA Brown Line train crash

As firefighters survey the crash site and access the damage, others work to connect the hydraulic lines to the portable generator before the extrication can begin. Tim Olk photo

CTA Brown Line train crash

Firefighters work to free the driver from this vehicle after it was hit by a CTA Brown Line train which is visible in the background. It was unknown at the time as to why the driver was stopped on the tracks. Tim Olk photo

CTA Brown Line train crash

The train impacted the car on the driver's side and then partially derailed before coming to rest at the station platform. Tim Olk photo

An extensive gallery with roughly 100 images can be seen on Tim’s site HERE.

The Chicago Tribune has a brief article about the incident HERE.

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