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Motel fire in Melrose Park, 2-8-21 (more)

Photos from Steve Redick of the Motel fire in Melrose Park, 2-8-21

O'Hare Kitchenette Motel destroyed by fire

Steve Redick photo

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Motel fire in Melrose Park, 2-8-21

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At least one person was injured in a fire at a motel near O’Hare International Airport that started around 2 a.m. Monday at 2301 Mannheim Road, the O’Hare Kitchenette Motel. Frigid conditions made the fire extremely difficult to extinguish, and caused water issues in the motel. 

As many as 100 people may have been inside the motel when the fire started. The entire second floor has been destroyed, which is where long-term residents lived. Victims have been put up in other motels around the area.

The cause of the fire in under investigation.


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