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Naperville’s new Engine 4

Lt. Andy Hilk from Naperville has informed us that the new 2010 Spartan Gladiator/Crimson engine is having equipment mounted before it is put into service at Engine 4, probably within the next week. The engine has a 1,500-GPM Hale pump, carries 750 gallons of water and 50 gallons of Class B foam. It features ROM Roll-up doors and has an 8KW Smartpower generator.

Naperville Fire Department Spartan Gladiator Crimson Engine 4

Naperville's newest engine just prior to going into service. This unit was displayed in the Crimson booth at the Fire Rescue International that was in Chicago this past August. Andy Hilk photo

The 1991 E-ONE Hush pumper which was in reserve has been sold to the Rockford Fire Department.

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Many new area rigs at Fire Rescue International

There are many new pieces of apparatus for our area currently on display at the Fire Rescue International 2010 trade show at McCormick Place. Among them are:

  • Pierce – South Holland Velocity PUC 100′ PAP rear mount tower ladder; Great Lakes NTC Impel 75′ RM quint
  • Medtec – Algonquin Lake-in-the-Hills Type I Freightliner
  • Crimson – CFD Spartan pumper; CFD Spartan 103′ RM aerial ladder; Naperville Spartan pumper
  • Horton – Minooka Ford Type III MICU
  • US Tank – Pingree Grove FPD Kenworth tanker
  • Federal Signal – CFD Ford Expedition battalion chief unt
  • Ferrara – Algonquin Lake-in-the-Hills Inferno engine and RM Tower ladder
  • Sutphen – Exxon Mobil Joliet Refinery industrial mid-mount tower ladder quint
  • Super Vac (SVI Trucks) – Cherry Valley Spartan HDR
Chicago Fire Department Crimson ladder

The first Spartan Gladiator Crimson 103′ rear mount aerial ladder built for Chicago was displayed at the Fire Rescue International (FRI) 2010 trade show. Larry Shapiro photo

Algonquin Lake-in-the-Hills Medtec ambulance

This Freightliner/Medtec Type I ambulance for the Algonquin lake-in-the-Hills Fire Department was on display in the Pierce booth. There were a total of three units on the trade show floor for this department. Larry Shapiro photo

Algonquin Lake-in-the-Hills Ferrara engine

The smaller than normal pump enclosure and built-in cross lays on the new Ferrara engine for the Algonquin Lake-in-the-Hills Fire Department resembles a trend in apparatus design which was first introduced several years ago by Pierce. Larry Shapiro photo

Cherry Valley Fire Department Spartan SVI Super Vac heavy rescue

A Spartan Super Vac (SVI) heavy rescue for Cherry Valley with walk-around body, light tower, front bumper hydraulic rescue tools, air cascade system and an abundance of slide-out shelving and trays. Larry Shapiro photo

A gallery showing several of these units can be seen on Larry Shapiro’s site HERE.

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Crimson updates CFD units in progress

Our thanks go out to Chris, one of our readers, for informing us that Crimson has updated the production photos of the first CFD Spartan/Crimson aerial ladder shown HERE. Crimson has mounted the aerial to a chassis with a finished cab.  It appears that Crimson will have something to display later this month at the Fire Rescue International trade show in Chicago. It will be interesting to see the status of the body, since there have been no updated photos on the site for several weeks showing the progress. They’re obviously working very hard to make a good showing in Chicago.

There are also updated shots of an engine shown HERE with the pump module and body mounted to the chassis. perhaps this one will also be at the show.

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Crimson unit in progress

Crimson Fire Apparatus is one of several manufacturers that posts photos of units in production so that interested parties can see the progress of particular units being built. Their website lists Naperville and Chicago as having units being built which can be viewed in production.

Click HERE for the status of the new Naperville engine (slated for Engine 4 to replace the last remaining Freightliner in frontline service) – Spartan Gladiator chassis 1500/750

Click HERE to see the status of a new engine for Chicago – Spartan Gladiator 1500/500

Click HERE to see the status of the first Chicago 103′ rear mount Crimson aerial – Spartan Gladiator 103′ RM 0/0

As a side note, it appears that Crimson will have to accomplish quite a bit to get one of the new Chicago aerials to display at the International FIre Chief’s show in Chicago this August (FRI).

For those who never saw the Crimson press release in March about the Chicago aerials:

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Brandon, S.D., March 31, 2010 – Crimson Fire, Inc. has signed a three-year contract with the city of Chicago to build more than 30 custom aerial fire trucks.

The Brandon, S.D.-based manufacturer of custom fire trucks and other rescue vehicles has begun designing and building five 103-foot rear-mount aerial trucks for the Windy City. Chicago, which also has a three-year contract with Crimson Fire to provide custom pumpers, could purchase as many as 30 aerial units over the life of the contract.

Equipment Management Co., the Crimson Fire dealership serving Illinois, secured the aerial contract for Chicago and will sell and service the apparatus. EMC, which also has operations in Arizona, joined the growing family of Crimson Fire dealers in July 2009.

“Chicago is a long-standing Crimson Fire customer, and we are honored to provide its firefighters with our custom aerials,” said Jim Salmi, president of Crimson Fire Aerials. “The city faces some unique emergency-rescue challenges, particularly with overall height restrictions and maneuvering through older neighborhoods. The Crimson Fire aerial enhances maneuverability in urban settings and delivers rugged, dependable performance with each run.”

The 103-foot rear-mount aerials, the longest available in the Crimson Fire product suite, will be built on a Spartan Gladiator® cab and chassis. The aerial will feature a low-profile design with an overall travel height of 11 feet, making it more maneuverable in the city. An aluminum body and the unique tubular design enable Crimson Fire to build the strongest and most durable trucks on the market.

The new Crimson Fire aerials also feature the industry’s only “greaseless” ladder through the patented roller assembly system, X-style outriggers and a ladder lift cradle that provides enhanced range of operation.

About Crimson Fire – Crimson Fire is a leading manufacturer of custom fire trucks and other rescue vehicles. A subsidiary of Spartan Motors, Inc. (Nasdaq: SPAR), Crimson Fire is committed to quality, value and innovation. Drawing on more than 130 years of excellence in fire truck manufacturing, Crimson Fire manufactures a full line of pumpers, rescues, aerials, quick-attack vehicles and other emergency-rescue vehicles from its facilities in Pennsylvania and South Dakota.

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