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Lakemoor apartment fire goes to 3 alarms

The Fox Lake Fire Department received calls for a fire in an apartment building in the 500 block of Autumn Boulevard in Lakemoor around 11PM last night. Arriving roughly four minutes later, companies found fire through the roof of the three-story, light-weight constructed building. A structural collapse occurred shortly thereafter.  This was a 3-11 for tankers and a Box Alarm for the structural collapse with at least 19 fire departments represented on the scene.

Four tower ladders went to work (Fox Lake, McHenry Township, Wauconda, and Round Lake) in addition to several handlines and ground level master streams.

Interesting apparatus notes from the incident include the following:

  • Countryside and Grayslake both had their new apparatus at the fire.
  • Several of the units on-scene were equipped with Nightscan or Command Light towers including engines from Antioch, Grayslake, and Round Lake plus squads from Fox Lake and Barrington.
  • At one point late into the fire, the Fox Lake Tower Ladder (Spartan/3D/Nova Quintech) which was in sector 1, deployed the articulating jib of the fly-section of the ladder over the building
  • McHenry Township had four units on the scene: engine, tower, tanker and squad
  • Round Lake had three units on the scene; engine, tower, and tanker
  • Lake Villa had three units on the scene; engine, tanker, and ambulance
  • Grayslake had an engine and tanker at the scene
  • Lake Bluff responded with an engine … probably the farthest distance travelled
Antioch Fire Department Alexis engine

Antioch's American LaFrance/Alexis engine with a Nightscan lighting up the scene. Larry Shapiro photo

Fox Lake Fire Department Spartan Alexis squad

This Fox Lake squad has two light towers capable of providing enough light for any scene. Larry Shapiro photo

Countryside FPD US Tank tanker

Countryside put this new tanker into service this summer. It is shown here working at it's second tanker box already. In the background, Round Lake's engine is lighting up the porta-tanks with a Command Light mounted on the cab roof. Larry Shapiro photo

Fox Lake Fire Department Nova Quintech Sky Arm

The Nova Quintech Sky Arm tower ladder from Fox Lake with the jib section articulating down from the main ladder. Larry Shapiro photo

Of the 19 departments represented at this fire, has the following departments posted to the website:

  • Buffalo Grove
  • Cary
  • Countryside
  • Lake Bluff
  • Lake Forest
  • Lake Villa
  • Libertyville
  • Long Grove
  • McHenry Township
  • Mundelein
  • Newport Township
  • Wauconda

These are not yet represented on the site:

  • Antioch
  • Barrington
  • Fox Lake
  • Grayslake
  • Lake Villa
  • Nunda Rural
  • Round Lake

Larry Shapiro  has a gallery of images from this fire which can be viewed HERE.

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Division 16 is complete

Lisle Woodridge Fire Station 2

Station 2 is home to a medic unit, an engine, and the special teams which includes haz mat, the dive team, and a mobile unit for the fire investigation team. Larry Shapiro photo

Division 16 encompasses only three fire departments but it represents roughly 100 square miles of area and includes 19 fire stations. The departments are Downers Grove, Lisle Woodridge, and Naperville. Previously, Downers Grove and recently Naperville have been added to the site with their combined 14 stations. As of today, the five stations of the Lisle Woodridge Fire District are on the site as well.

Lisle Woodridge 2009 Pierce Impel engine

Engine 541 (running out of station 4) is the newest unit in the fleet. Larry Shapiro photo

MABAS Division 16 Special Operations Unit

Three of the Lisle Woodridge stations are in the Village of Lisle and two are in the Village of Woodridge. They staff four engines, two trucks, a battalion chief and four medic units. One of the medic units is only staffed for 12 hours a day. Neither of their truck companies (one ladder and one platform) carries water or has a pump. Lisle Woodridge used to maintain a suppression fleet that was 100% E-ONE and a medic fleet of Freightliner/Life Line ambulances. Today, though several E-ONE units remain in the fleet, they are being phased out by Pierce units. Currently both trucks and two of the engines are Pierce. The medic units are still from Life Line although the Freightliner FL60 chassis are being replaced with IHC 4300 chassis.

Lisle Woodridge 1984 Spartan Gladiator EONE rescue unit

This unit which has no official assigned duties was one of the first super-command-cab units built by Spartan back in 1984. Spartan introduced these enormous cabs to the fire service and the first few units were built for suburban Chicago departments including this EONE rescue, a Frontline rescue for North Palos, and an FMC pumper for Fox Lake. The square cab design was not popular and made way for a contoured cab after a short period of time.

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Medtec deliveries in 2009

The year-to-date 2010 Medtec deliveries were posted previously, and as promised here are the 2009 deliveries.

Bensenville Medtec ambulance

Ford F-Series Medtec unit in Bensenville. Medtec photo

Buffalo Grove Fire Department Medtec ambulance

Ford E-Series Medtec ambulance in Buffalo Grove. Medtec photo

Crystal Lake FD Medtec ambulance

Ford E-Series Medtec ambulance in Crystal Lake. Medtec photo

Crystal Lake Fire Department Medtec ambulance

Another Ford E-Series Medtec ambulance in Crystal Lake. Medtec photo

Downers Grove Fire Department Medtec ambulances

A pair of Medtec ambulances in Downers Grove on Navistar chassis. Medtec photo

Medtec ambulance Fox Lake Fire Department

Ford F-Series Medtec ambulance for Fox Lake. Medtec photo

Glen Ellyn VFD Medtec ambulance

Two Ford E-Series Medtec ambulances for Glen Ellyn. Medtec photo

Glenside FPD Medtec ambulance

Glenside FD Medtec ambulance on a Navistar chassis. Medtec photo

Hazel Crest FD Medtec ambulance

Hazel Crest FD Medtec ambulance on a GMC Ford F-650 chassis. Medtec photo

Naperville Medec ambulance

Napervile Medic 6 on a Navistar chassis. Medtec photo

Niles FD Medtec ambulance

Niles ambulance 2 on a Navistar chsssis. Medtec photo

Prospect Heights FD Medtec ambulance

Ford E-Series Medtec ambulance in Prospect Heights. Medtec photo

Sugar Grove Medtec ambulance

Medtec ambulance for Sugar Grove on a Navistar chassis. Medtec photo

Waukegan FD Medtec ambulance

Waukegan FD Medtec ambulance on a Navistar chassis. Medtec photo

Wood Dale Medtec ambulance

Ford E-Series Medtec ambulance in Wood Dale. Medtec photo

Woodstock FD Medtec ambulance

Ford E-Series Medtec ambulance in Woodstock. Medtec photo

York Center FPD Medtec ambulance

York Center FPD’s Medtec ambulance on a Navistar chassis. Medtec photo

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