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Lakewood Fire Department update

HERE is an article from the Northwest Herald confirming arrangements for the Woodstock Fire Rescue District to provide fire protection to Lakewood beginning next year. The article outlines the projected costs, the continued use of the Lakewood Fire Station, and talk of staffing. Lakewood has been contracting with American Emergency Services, a private company, for the past four years since they terminated a contract with Crystal Lake.

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US Tanker or US Tank?

After adding several units recently to the site and finding both US Tank and US Tanker on various nameplates, a call was placed to the manufacturer to determine the story. So, for those interested in the difference, the company, which is now called US Tanker, says that between the years of 1989 through 1996 they went by the name US Tank. Since then, they are known as US Tanker. The confusion was renewed recently with Tanker 72 in Woodstock which was manufactured in 1993 and is branded with the name of US Tank. (although it is currently labeled incorrectly on the site as US Tanker and will be updated.)

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Woodstock is on the site

Woodstock Fire District Pierce Arrow XT quint

Woodstock Fire District patchThere are three stations serving the Woodstock Fire District in Division 5 (McHenry County). They cover over 86 miles with a combination paid and part-time staff. Each station runs an ambulance and there is a 105′ Pierce Arrow XT quint at Station 1. Both of the other stations have a Pierce engine, a tanker, and a brush rig. Station 2 houses two antique units which have not yet been photographed. In addition, Hazmat 5, which serves both Divisions 4 and 5 is housed at Woodstock Station 1.

Woodstock Fire Station 2

Woodstock Station 2 on Dean Street is the same basic design as Station except that Station 3 has only two bays. Larry Shapiro photo

Stations 2 and 3 share the same design with one exception; Station 2 has three bays and Station 3 has only two. Both have drive-thru bays.

Woodstock Fire District Station 1 decal

Station 1 has their own creative decal representing the companies assigned there.

Woodstock Fire District Station 3 decal

Station 3 also has a unique decal.

The newest units in Woodstock are a 2009 Pierce Arrow XT engine and a matching 105′ RM aerial.

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Three McHenry County departments posting soon

Several contributors travelled to Division 5 (McHenry County) yesterday and photographed the apparatus and four fire stations of the McHenry Township FPD as well as Richmond and the three stations in Woodstock. As this represents eight stations and just under 50 pieces of apparatus, it will take a few days before the departments are posted to the site. Thanks are in order to Hank Sajovic, Karl Klotz, Bill Friedrich, Larry Shapiro and George Reichardt for braving the heat. Most of all though our thanks go out to the personnel at all three departments for being so helpful, outgoing, and patient to accommodate the group so that everything could be documented.

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Medtec deliveries in 2009

The year-to-date 2010 Medtec deliveries were posted previously, and as promised here are the 2009 deliveries.

Bensenville Medtec ambulance

Ford F-Series Medtec unit in Bensenville. Medtec photo

Buffalo Grove Fire Department Medtec ambulance

Ford E-Series Medtec ambulance in Buffalo Grove. Medtec photo

Crystal Lake FD Medtec ambulance

Ford E-Series Medtec ambulance in Crystal Lake. Medtec photo

Crystal Lake Fire Department Medtec ambulance

Another Ford E-Series Medtec ambulance in Crystal Lake. Medtec photo

Downers Grove Fire Department Medtec ambulances

A pair of Medtec ambulances in Downers Grove on Navistar chassis. Medtec photo

Medtec ambulance Fox Lake Fire Department

Ford F-Series Medtec ambulance for Fox Lake. Medtec photo

Glen Ellyn VFD Medtec ambulance

Two Ford E-Series Medtec ambulances for Glen Ellyn. Medtec photo

Glenside FPD Medtec ambulance

Glenside FD Medtec ambulance on a Navistar chassis. Medtec photo

Hazel Crest FD Medtec ambulance

Hazel Crest FD Medtec ambulance on a GMC Ford F-650 chassis. Medtec photo

Naperville Medec ambulance

Napervile Medic 6 on a Navistar chassis. Medtec photo

Niles FD Medtec ambulance

Niles ambulance 2 on a Navistar chsssis. Medtec photo

Prospect Heights FD Medtec ambulance

Ford E-Series Medtec ambulance in Prospect Heights. Medtec photo

Sugar Grove Medtec ambulance

Medtec ambulance for Sugar Grove on a Navistar chassis. Medtec photo

Waukegan FD Medtec ambulance

Waukegan FD Medtec ambulance on a Navistar chassis. Medtec photo

Wood Dale Medtec ambulance

Ford E-Series Medtec ambulance in Wood Dale. Medtec photo

Woodstock FD Medtec ambulance

Ford E-Series Medtec ambulance in Woodstock. Medtec photo

York Center FPD Medtec ambulance

York Center FPD’s Medtec ambulance on a Navistar chassis. Medtec photo

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